Every once in a while I try something new. Not often enough, maybe.

Anyway, I did. And I’m glad I did. Because I love getting freebies, like tastes of h’or deuvres or samples in the grocery store.

So I hope you check out this plethora, this cornucopia of gifts put together by some pretty cool people. The giveaway is for “spiritual entrepreneurs,” but who doesn’t like guided meditations, free sessions, workbooks, etc., especially when you have something creative percolating in your life?

So try these out and see if you don’t find you’ve treated yourself to some self care, right in the middle of the day.

Oh, and I have a product in there, too, the Ridiculously Simple Guide to Writing for Your People is out! So if you struggle with blogging, email newsletters, social media and writing in general, and you need to for your holistic business, check it out, on Page 7. This guide will simplify and demystify the process, so you never have to (blog) again.

Till next time,


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