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Hi there, thanks for stopping by and being curious enough to spend your one precious moment finding out about me. My name is Phyllis Capanna, and I’ve always been a writer. It’s how I roll. It’s how I fly. Write, write, write.

I’ve been blogging since a long time ago, and you know what?

All that writing doesn’t amount to much if it doesn’t connect with readers. Oh sure, sometimes I succeeded in connecting, but the truth is, when I did, I didn’t know why. And when I didn’t, ditto.

Of all the things I’ve studied, done, discovered and created, the hunger to be of service has been paramount. So not connecting with readers was painful. Apparently, it’s not enough to love to write. You also have to have a purpose, know your audience, care about them and then execute your writing in a way they can relate to. I’m betting you have 3 out of the 5.

So guess what? You can connect with your people, whether or not you like to write.

Recently, by accident (Do you believe in accidents?) I woke to the fact that a whole segment of the world’s healers and coaches really struggle with writing. The one emotional state I encounter the most among people who can’t get it together to do their writing, or who just hate doing it, is overwhelm.

I believe that their being overwhelmed is a symptom of lack of clarity and direction about how to do the task. And lack of clarity and direction drives caregivers and entrepreneurs CRAZY! Because they feel they cannot succeed. And without a clear idea of what needs to be done, the tasks seem enormous.

The writing, I realized, is secondary.

But try telling that to my best friend, a brilliant, holistic gynecology practitioner and energy healer, who’s witchy with hormones and neurotransmitters. She’s convinced she’s just lazy and unmotivated when someone mentions “blogging.” She’s convinced she can’t write.

So I decided to prove it. I’ve developed a simple, doable system that anyone can follow for writing all your website copy: articles, updates, newsletters, “about me,” all of it. I’ve even created templates you can plug your own words into that take all the effort out of forming sentences and structuring your web updates. I tell you how often to post, how to reuse your content, and, most importantly, how to connect with your people so they get that you get them. Simple, doable, and tailored to the needs of today’s holistic entrepreneurs, coaches and healers.

And I’m the perfect person to have created this: an occupational therapist who analyzes behavior, motivation, efficiency and ergonomics for a living, a spiritual psychology geek who sees the hero in everyone, an INFJ with a keen eye for emotional states, a believer in good, and an inspirational author.

People call me to unravel things and to get grounded. They know I can boil a situation down to its essence, and that I know what motivates them, sometimes better than they do. I hear what they’re trying to say and help them say it better. They also call me for a good, irreverent laugh and productivity hacks, because I’m handy that way.

I love to create things that are systematic, simple and that relieve stress from brilliant people who have better things to do than learn something that feels like drudgery to them. I have been helping people succeed for decades, and I can help you, too.

I invite you to sign up to receive my free guide, Ridiculously Simple Guide to Writing for Your People. You’ll also receive the Simple Writing Tip Sheet, and you’ll be the first to know about live courses, home study courses, templates and other tools to make your writing tasks a whole lot simpler.

When your people arrive at your website and you start connecting with them, you’ll feel that rush of gratitude, too.

Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about writing a book. In that case, I recommend you download a free copy of my Nonfiction Book Planning Guide. 

And in case you really can’t write, I also do custom work, pretty much “You talk, I write.”  Schedule a free consultation about your writing needs now!

And be in touch with questions, comments, corrections and suggestions. Also good jokes and recipes. I always respond.

Now, let’s get you started


Phyllis Capanna
Writing Coach

(207) 558-5830


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  1. Remind me what INFJ stands for. I have an idea, but I may have invented it myself!

    Let me know if you two ever decide to move to Boothbay. I’ve been forced to take a writing course here at the Community Center with someone else.

    Meanwhile, I’m signing up for your Ridiculous Course.

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