Do you feel stuck and disconnected from your creative passion and direction?

There’s nothing as painful as being away from your best friend, your creative voice and drive. Whether it’s too little time, too much stress, or just can’t get inspired about anything, those times of not creating can stretch on and on into months, years, even decades.
Yet, it is possible to free your creative spirit, anchor your gift in the real world, AND increase its magical power!
I am a soulful creative, like you. I know how tough it can be to delve into those sensitive and vulnerable areas and try to create something of value to others. It’s tempting to let ourselves off the hook and say we’ll share with no one, but if you’re like me, you also yearn to make a difference with your creative gifts.
It’s taken me decades of trial and error to develop the system I’d like to share with you that allows me to write music, books and develop workshops and inspirational personal growth materials practically every day. It was always a dream to have perfect strangers tell me my work has helped them to heal. And I never thought to hope to be commissioned to compose a children’s affirmation song for a nationally-touring children’s camp, or to have my song, Singer’s Prayer, taught at hospice choir conventions and sung at patients’ bedsides!
When I was working hard at another career and close to giving up on my creative dreams and doing things with my creativity that felt forced and artificial, I felt desperate, despairing and alone. No one could understand why someone with so much talent could be so unhappy. I still hadn’t completely owned my gift, and I hadn’t learned how to develop it into something unique and authentically mine. It was actually less painful to let it go underground and pretend that it was merely a hobby than to suffer using others’ models and templates for what my creative soul could become.

Of course, I mourned the loss of this essential part of myself.

And that mourning took the form of a low grade depression and chronic unhappiness with life. I suffered from jealousy at others’ success and almost crippling self-doubt about my own intuitive strengths. Before I developed this system, I struggled for years with feelings of inadequacy and disillusionment, knowing that I had a powerful “voice” and creative drive, but not understanding where it belonged and how to share it.
Then one day, I created a little set of positive-message cards for one of the many on-the-side workshop I was developing. Hand drawn, with a scribbled, whimsical reverse side, hand cut and outlined with Sharpies®, these little cards had a profound impact on the workshop attendees. I was awed by what I had created seemingly without effort. Not long after, I woke with the idea of writing a book of essays to go with them, making it into a kind of inspiration oracle.
The experience of making the cards and writing the book and the positive response they received helped awaken my creative soul and the yearning to create in an authentic way that contributes to the healing of others.
I realized that I had created the conditions that allowed me to trust myself creatively. I started to look at what I’d done and realized that  it would work for others. I started to have creative goals and dreams again, things I’d never dared utter aloud. I began blogging. I embraced the dream of being an inspirational author. I started to write and music that was unlike any music I could find on Pandora, music from my soul.

If it’s time for you to reconnect with your creative soul, if you’ve gone too long without a way to express yourself, even if that’s been most of your life, I have something for you.

Happily Creative: 5 Steps to Freeing the Artist Within is a one-hour webinar introducing you to the exact system I developed to bring free my creative spirit and bring me from despair to fulfillment, from following others’ models to creating my authentic way.
This accessible system is a Creativity Recovery 101 for your creative soul. You will learn how to
  • Create safety and healing in your relationship with your creativity by practicing 3 simple  principles to keep at bay the mindset that undermines confidence, so you can find and strengthen your creative voice and vision.
  • Understand the essential elements that keep your creative fire burning and how to feed the fire in a way that unlocks your creative genius.
  • The one simple habit that most people disregard that can lead you to a creativity breakthrough.
  • You will also receive a free copy of my ebook, Happily Creative, which features my Creativity Breakthrough System, complete with worksheets you can use to begin to put these ideas into practice in your life.
Ready to Register? I’ve made it super-affordable ($17!), and I’m always available to chat, so if now is your time, then please join me!

This will take you to the Eventbrite page, where you pay and get your virtual ticket. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirming, with a link to download a copy of my ebook, Happily Creative, which features my 30 Day Creativity Breakthrough System.

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