A Giant, Gaping Opportunity for Solo Spirit-Preneurs to – Gasp! – Organize


This post is aimed at my local peeps, here in Maine. I know my readers are everywhere in the world. If this speaks to you, perhaps there are similar issues where you live, and you can extrapolate what I’m saying here to your area. Please comment below if you’d like to chime in on the conversation, no matter where you’re located.

My part of the world is quietly blooming. There are holistic practitioners everywhere. Is it just me? A few short years ago two nurses created Mind Body Spirit Festivals, and since then the number of holistic, mystic, energy, spirit and psychic fairs has burgeoned in this area. As a relative newcomer (since 2007), I can see that it’s kind of the poorer cousin to other, more glamorous places in this state: the trademark rocky coastline with its iconic lighthouses, the profile of our famous peak, the allure of the remote, Unorganized Territories with their hunting and skiing lodges….

Yet, we are quietly creating a healing revolution hereabouts, and while every second person knows someone who knows someone, and many seek out these kinds of off-the-map healing experience, it can be awfully catch-as-catch-can to locate and contact these folk.

Part of the problem is that many of these practices don’t fit into a neat category where others in charge of categorizing and disseminating information to the general public might easily include them. Then there’s the problem of legitimacy, which, while fading, is still there, and needs to be talked about. But the biggest problem is that the folks who needs us the most don’t know we exist.

And here’s where the giant, gaping opportunity is, and most of us practitioners are ignoring it, hoping someone else will do it, or just plain unaware of it. All fine, all fine. No fault-finding here. We’re in a revolution, after all, a quiet, loving, allowing, flowing, life-enhancing and beautiful dance of spirit that by definition is undefinable, and many of us would like to keep it that way.

I understand all that. And yet. If we let ourselves continue to be invisible as a group, we will continue to be on the fringes of legitimacy. If we continue to be so humble about our gifts and the healing we’ve facilitated with our clients, we will continue to be hard to find. If we refuse to identify ourselves, to – gulp! – organize ourselves, and to own who we are, we will continue to be the poorer cousin to the mainstream healthcare that places big ads in the papers and sponsors community events and generally takes up all the space in the conversation about wellness in these parts and in the world at large.

And yet. There is a deep hunger for spiritual nourishment, here and everywhere. There is a deep urge to connect with Something bigger, wiser, loving and life-affirming. There is a hunger for meaning, connection and healing. There is a hunger to connect with our gifts, to nurture our inherent wisdom.

Not only is there a hunger, but I argue there is an urgent need for the whole of humanity to wake up to its spiritual nature so that we can heal the problems we now face, problems of the ego and of the heart, disconnected from a Loving Source.

I’ve not to my knowledge ever gotten on a soapbox before, but I’m stepping up now and saying to the holistic healing community: Organize yourselves so people can find you. Speak publicly so people can know you. Educate more widely so people make informed choices in their health and wellness care. Legitimize yourselves by naming and claiming what you do. Be seen.

Here are some of my ideas. Do any of these appeal to anyone else?

  1. A website devoted to listings of holistic and energy practitioners of all kinds, linked to tourism websites so that visitors can find us when they’re finally quiet enough to hear the call of their souls to relax and connect. (Perhaps a nationwide – worldwide? – network of them?)
  2. A monthly sharing circle and networking social for practitioners to meet and get to know each other and give and receive the support of the community.
  3. A flyer that can be posted everywhere that points people to the website so they can find their perfect healer.
  4. Regular nurturing/pampering/healing spa days, perhaps traveling ones, that offer our services to needy populations, such as those recovering from illness, trauma, addiction, abuse, etc., and that also serve to expose the staff and caregivers to our services. (Think: veterans, homeless, recovery houses, shelters, day camps)
  5. Regular blog posts and talks in the community, letters to the editor, articles in the paper, and taking any opportunity to let others know how we can help with pain relief (a huge part of the addiction crisis we face); with cancer care, now a common experience for many; with caring for others, including animals; and with many of the illness and ailments that mainstream medicine can only prescribe pills for.

What other ways could we organize, legitimize, be seen and reach the folks who are looking for us?

In love and light,



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  1. Hi Phyllis! This will perhaps seem crass, terribly all-business and no spirit but here goes anyway. Your point four: What if your local group of healers took a page from the restaurant folks and offered a “Healing Week.” Each practitioner could offer a special or specials during the week and invite the local community to try them out. In case you don’t understand what I mean, down here in humidland, local restaurants in a town or area have a restaurant week where they offer a special menu at a special price. People can choose whatever restaurant they want from the list of participating restaurants. Restaurants and local business associations love it because it brings in new people to the restaurants and raises awareness of other businesses as people pass by on their way to the restaurant. The concept works so well down here that hardly a week passes by where a town (the businesses) in the area isn’t sponsoring a restaurant week. You could build on your idea of helping those who can’t afford it by offering an opportunity to customers who come to donate part or all of the money they saved toward the cost of a session for someone who cannot afford it. Hope this idea is helpful. Peace and love, Tom

  2. WOW. It’s another quantum leap for someone like me who’s finding just creating a simple web page to be a quantum leap. But it makes sense to me to have ways of promoting and organizing as a group. However, it also introduces the need for establishing clear ethical and professional criteria so that we, and others, take ourselves and our work seriously. We need to be willing to monitor the “health” of our community as practitioners.

  3. Wonderful ideas. I have been in this field since 1996. Others have suggested and carried out some of those ideas in the past. Perhaps the timing was off.

    Many of the earlier light workers have left the planet. A loss physically. Spiritually, more non physical support. I wish you light and love!

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