A Simple Formula for Posting Regular Blog Posts Without Overwhelm

[Part 3 in the Series: Get Started With Blogging for holistic practitioners, entrepreneurs and healers. Read Part 1. and Part 2.]

The Infinite Unknown of Blog Posts

Are you struggling with how big, complex and unending it seems to create and publish blog posts? I know how it is. For years I would get to that day of the week and realize with a sense of dread, “Oh no! I have to come up with a blog post!” And the inevitable, “What am I going to write about?”

If you love to write, you try stream of consciousness, hoping that something coalesces, but you’re still not sure what will connect with your intended audience. I hated not knowing what to write so much that I would miss my own deadline, which only made my blog even less appealing and useful to my readers. And if you don’t love to write, you’ll skip all the writing and go right to avoidance.

Avoiding doesn’t work. Neither does stream of consciousness mixed with hope. Not even very advanced, pure hope.

What does work is having a plan. (I’ve been taking you through this process in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, so read up on them to be up so this part makes sense to you.)

How Often To Post?

I suggest committing to one blog post every other week. Consistency actually matters more than frequency. If you want to do one every week, fine, but don’t commit to it until you know that you can spend 1 hour or less on writing the post. And if you follow my method, you will get there, probably within a couple of weeks.

For the record, 1 post every other week for the year comes out to 26 blog posts. Voila! No longer infinite and endless.

Here’s how to complete that first step:

From your list of problems, create a list of topics.

Stretch your list to 26 topics.


  1. Problem your ideal client has: Afraid to meet new people after life-changing breakup.
  • Topic: How to overcome your fear and enjoy meeting new people again.

2. Problem your ideal client has: Migraines interfering with taking care of baby.

  • Topic: Tips for minimizing your migraine’s impact on mothering.
Pro Tip #1

Don’t worry about getting the exact wording right now. Just do enough that you’ll know what you mean and can retrieve the info from your brain when the time comes to write it.

Shorthand example

  1. Problem: Afraid to meet new people. Topic: Meeting new people.

2. Problem: Migraines screw up mothering. Topic: Migraines and mothering

Pro Tip #2

When you do it this way, you can easily see that some topics can be 2- or 3-part blog posts.

Next steps

The very next thing to do is to make sure you download the Topic Teaser Worksheet, because it also walks you through creating tips and super-tips for success for each of the problems you’ve identified. And with that, you’ll be over half the way toward creating blog posts easily and efficiently that connect with your readers, add value, and encourage engagement.

The 1st 3 people to download the Topic Teaser get a free half hour with me, and together we’ll get you to 26 topics.

[a 33 minute blog post]

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