A Time of Gratitude and Appreciation

Last week, I promised you downloadable thank-you cards to use in your healing practice. And I have done that here.  But first, I wanted to let you, my blog followers, in on a super sale I’m conducting, just until November 30, of my Soul Message cards and books.

Did you know?

There are 49 other unique, positive, loving, affirming, encouraging, uplifting messages to you from the Universe in each set of full-color ultra-thick cards, which comes in a handmade drawstring bag.

The Soul Messages paperback contains a thought-provoking essay for each of the messages, enough to start your day, end your day, give you guidance, and affirm where you are on the path of growth and becoming.

The special early bird gift offer from my heart: With each set of Soul Message cards you receive a free autographed copy of the Soul Messages paperback, a $30 value for just $18.

And the super special through November 30: Buy 2 or more sets of Soul Message cards and pay $15 each and still get a free autographed copy of the Soul Messages book with each set.

“These are my Bible lately.”





“The Soul Messages are always right on!”

Soul Messages are also wonderful additions to your waiting room, group programs, and treatment sessions.


Click the link below to get a jump on holiday shopping, spread some love, and find out what the Universe has to say to you! (It’s way better than what you say to yourself.)

The early bird sale ends November 30, so follow your heart today!

Magic Portal to Soul Messages

Item #2 for your holiday gratitude and appreciation fest

Last year I created one-of-a-kind paper collage gift enclosures based on the Soul Messages and sent them off to your loved ones. (With your permission!) Good thing I took pictures. I had to, because I fell in love with each of those 4×5 collages.

This year (as in, last night) I uploaded those images onto greeting cards for you, and they’re now available on my very first Zazzle store. How is this so much FUN?

Here’s what they look like. If you click on the image, you’ll be taken to my Zazzle store, which is called phyllomania. (The images look a lot sharper on the real thing. See below.)

So, NOW for the freebies

These same designs are available right here at the bottom of this post, for free. You can print them on nice card stock and write your own message inside, or you can go to my Zazzle store and check out my messages and use them. I suggest you download the image and resize it according to your need. Two of the images side by side fit beautifully along the bottom edge of an 8.5×11 piece of paper in landscape orientation. Print, cut and fold, and voila!

Click here for a pdf file with the images laid out as described above. Print, cut, inscribe and send!

OR, you can simply download the images and do what you will with them. Click on the picture, which will open in its own window, then right click to download.

justbeingyou6 theuniverseadoresyou3 theworldisblessed6 trustyourbrilliance

I hope you enjoy your holiday goodies! I love appreciating my clients and customers at this time of year. It’s a win-win, and sets the stage for a fortuitous beginning to the new year.

All the best to you in this season of Light,


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  1. On impulse, perhaps a movement of the spirit as Friends would say, I bought five sets of these Soul Messages as Christmas gifts. Three are for my children and their spouses and their children. Two are for me: one for home and one for the office. One never knows when the Universe will open or my impulse will strike and I am once again surprised.

    Now that Thankgiving and my anniversary are over, I have had time to dig into these cards and the book. I had seen similar cards at my chiropractor’s and acupuncturist’s offices and was intrigued but never pursued the impulse. I’m glad I pursued the impulse with Phyllis. What opened my heart was reading in the book the story of how these Soul Messages came to be and then how to use them. So I took off the clear rubber band (Where did you get those? So neat. So transparent and inviting.), threw the cards in the bag and picked out a purple one that appealed to me because purple was my grandmother’s favorite color; The message was not one I expected. I decided to search the book for Phyllis’ meditation on the message (Does every Soul Message card have a meditation in the book?) starting on whim from the back. It seemed easier to “page” the book to find my message. Wouldn’t you know it? The next to last meditation was my message. I can’t say that I had a glorious revelation. Rather I had a sense of clarity and understanding about where I am right now. The Soul Message was, “Your Timing Is Perfect. All Is Well.” As I read Phyllis’ meditation I got the sense of time not as the right place at the right time but time as experience on a journey to a destination I don’t know yet. It is good that I am “spending time” on this journey. The All Is Well part reminded me of King David in the Bible who uttered the same words at the end of his life after his son had tried to overthrow him and been killed. That part I will have to meditate on some more. I am also reminded of the phrase “in the fullness of time” from one of the birth narratives in the Gospels. It is a phrase that has always intrigued me. I will have lots to ponder today.

    The point of all this is to highly recommend Phyllis’ SOUL MESSAGES.” The cards are special. The book magnifies the cards as only Phyllis can do. In keeping with the season, Hallelujah!

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