Do you feel stuck and disconnected from your creative passion and direction?

There’s nothing as painful as being away from your best friend, your creative voice and drive. Whether it’s too little time, too much stress, or just can’t get inspired about anything, those times of not creating can stretch on and on into months, years, even decades.

Yet, it is possible to become a happy creative, engaged and enjoying the gifts you have.

I’m a happily creative person. I write music, books and develop workshops and inspirational personal growth materials practically every day. I have perfect strangers telling me my work has helped them. I’ve been commissioned to compose a children’s affirmation song for a nationally-touring children’s camp. My song, Singer’s Prayer, is taught at hospice choir conventions and sung at patients’ bedsides.

But it wasn’t always like that for me.

I know the despair of being unable to produce anything that’s pleasing. During times of elder caregiving and recovery from addiction, there was nothing left for my creative pursuits. I pretty much gave up on “all that.” I had a long period when my creativity went underground, while I tried living as if it were merely a hobby or a small part of who I am. Secretly, I mourned the loss of this essential part of myself.

I also know how hard it is to be a creative person with a voice that wants to express itself, yet being totally not into performance or entertainment of any kind. I started out writing heartfelt songs on the piano, then graduated to guitar, and joined a band in college. Several years and a recording project later, I walked away, realizing I actually hated to perform and especially disliked writing music for its commercial potential.

I had quit college in order to be a writer, but had no stomach for the academic world of literary sensibilities and impossibly stiff competition. So I confined myself to my journal, to poems, and to using the notebook as a laboratory for healing and a safe space in which to discover my voice and my truth.

Until I had the words for it, I didn’t realize my creative gift had a healing mission, and that I am happiest when I am using my writing and music to help others on their healing path. I discovered this by finally listening to the relentless urge within that knew I’d be happiest if I’d just let myself create anyway. Even if I had no aim or end in mind. Even if no one cared but me.

I just had to.

But before I finally listened, I struggled for years with feelings of inadequacy and disillusionment, knowing that I had a powerful “voice” and creative drive, but not understanding where it belonged and how to share it.

Then one day, I created a little set of positive-message cards for a workshop I was developing. Hand drawn, with a scribbled, whimsical reverse side, hand cut and outlined with Sharpies, these little cards had a profound impact on the workshop attendees. I was awed by what I had created seemingly without effort. They became my Soul Message cards. I had a “real” set printed and began to sell them. Not long after, I woke with the idea of writing a book of essays to go with them, making it into a kind of inspiration oracle.

The experience of making the cards and writing the book and the positive response they received everywhere they went helped my creative voice to come back from the land of exile where it had been wandering aimlessly for a long time.

I started to trust myself again. I started to create. My blog took off, and I began to embrace the dream of being an inspirational author. I started to write music for the frame drum, another secret passion, and then eventually was able to once again strum a guitar and sing and write songs for the sheer pleasure of it.

If it’s time for you to reconnect with your creative soul, if you suspect your creativity might have a healing mission, if you’ve gone too long without a way to express yourself, even if that’s been most of your life, I have something for you.

My ebook, Happily Creative, was developed to help people like you discover, uncover and recover a creative spirit and voice. It’s very simple and not technical at all. It doesn’t matter at all what you do, it’s that you do it, every day, and how you approach it that make all the difference.

In this book, I guide you through the process, which you will complete in a little over 30 Days, once you have taken some steps to get yourself prepared and set up for success. But don’t let the word success scare you. All that means is you engage with your creative process in good faith. If you don’t like what you created, throw it out!

Yes, that’s right. There’s an endless supply of creative ideas within you. All you have to do is open the door and listen.

Download the book!

What’s in the 30-Day Creativity Breakthrough:

• Dealing With Gremlins (those insidious thoughts and beliefs that keep us from engaging in and enjoying the process of creating

• How To Give Your Creativity Permission to Just Be

• How To Lift the Conditions and Expectations that Keep Your Creativity in Hiding (Guided Meditation audio file included with your purchase)

• Everything You Need to Have a Successful 30-Day Creativity Breakthrough, including

• A Tracking Sheet for Each of the 30 Days

• How to Set Reasonable and Do-able Parameters for Your 30 Days

• How to Start and Keep a Creative Wish List

• An Invitation to Join the Next Live Group Program, Reclaim Your Creative Soul.

Sound good?

Download the book!

The 30-Day Creativity Breakthrough ebook is a great start. I believe in it so wholeheartedly, in fact, that it forms the foundation of my Reclaim Your Creative Soul group program.

If you would like to learn more about working with me live, please read on.