The Pleasure of Your Company is Requested

You know what you want to do. Your heart and soul and body yearn to spend time creating, diving deep and expressing your wisdom and vision. But you don’t do it. Everything else gets in the way. Days, weeks, months, even years, slip by. You alternate between losing hope of ever knowing the joy of creating powerfully from the heart, and not being able to give up on your deepest Soul Mission.

Worst of all, even when the time and opportunity appear, you still can’t create. The inspiration isn’t there, and you don’t know how to begin. You fear that vital connection is lost forever.

And yet, you know that in order to honor the creative gift you’ve been given, that “now or never” feeling really means, “Now!”

The only way to end this struggle is to take your creative gifts seriously and learn to heal your relationship with your creativity, so that your never have to hold yourself back or sit on the sidelines in frustration again.

There is a way to reconnect with the soul of your creative gift and to create and share confidently with the people who need your voice and vision.

This is why I’ve created the Reclaim Your Creative Soul Program.

In this 8 week program, you will discover how to enjoy your creative gifts to the fullest by learning how to:

  • Develop an inspiration mindset, so you never have to wait to be inspired or dig for ideas again.
  • Master your time, so you create almost every day and finish what you started.
  • Create a safe space in which to experiment and discover, by learning about the hidden confidence busters that undermine your power.
  • Discover the Soul Mission of your creative gift and open up new possibilities for having the creative life you desire.
  • Increase confidence in your skills and develop a plan for continuing to grow your creative gifts

Through private coaching, value-packed live virtual seminars, and the 3-step Creativity Breakthrough system, the Reclaim Your Creative Soul Program teaches you how to go from chronically blocked to creatively free, from struggling to joyful, from mute to having a voice–and helps develop a plan for achieving your top creative desires. You will also receive 10 guided meditations used in the program to listen to over and over again, as well as other wonderful bonuses for your creative soul.

When do you want your creative freedom, now or never? Stop struggling with blocked creativity and reclaim your creative soul now.

Program Contents:

• Establishing a safe space in which to create

• 30-Day Creativity Breakthrough (for details and to download my free ebook, waltz over to here.)

How to deeply nurture yourself as a creative soul

How to rock your Creative Wish List

Discovering your Big Why (and how to leave the “how” behind forever!)

How to call in the people who need what you create.

Discovering (and trusting) your creative path.

When you sign up to join the Reclaim Your Creative Soul live program, you get

  • 8 live, virtual group sessions (Value $997)
  • 2 private coaching session (Value $360)
  • Audio recordings of all (at least 10) of the guided meditations and exercises from the program, including the Questions That Can Change Your Creative Life (Value $147)
  • A generous assortment of exclusive, fun, effective tools to help you discover new ways to be creative, such as my world famous Random Inspiration Generator tool for when you get stuck (Value $147)
  • Exclusive, personalized coaching using my Creativity Breakthrough System (Value $247)
  • A copy of my book and card set, Soul Messages: Lavish Love Notes for the Soul (loving messages from the Universe to you) (Value $30)
  • Membership in Private FB group (Priceless!)
  • Lifetime access to the Reclaim Your Creative Soul Home Study Course (Value $247)

Total Value: $3,120  Your Price: $997

Register by July 1, 2017 and pay $497!!

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And then return to this page to schedule a complementary 30-minute session to get you started.

I look forward to meeting you, guiding you, and holding the space as you take the next steps toward reconnecting with the soul of your creativity.

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