Blocked with blogging?

I feel you!

Let me reassure you. You’re not the only one.

And something else. If you’re a holistic entrepreneur, energy healer, coach, spirit-preneur or holistic practitioner, what you need to do is not blog. That’s right, you don’t have to blog.

What you do have to do is communicate, educate, update, offer, invite and connect with your clients, both potential and established.

Where to begin? What to write about? How often to post? What about social media? Newsletters?

I’ve put together this guide, a roadmap really, to help you get started. To demystify the whole topic of writing for your people. And I’ve done it without mentioning the B-word after the first section!

Because that’s not what you want to do or need to do for your business.

So let out your breath, prepare to re-group, and learn my ridiculously simple system for posting regular updates that give value, build trust and attract the right people to your business. And if you already have a full practice, this little guide will show you how to write for them, keep them in the loop and create a nice body of work on the web for all to see.

My name is Phyllis, and I’m not blocked with blogging. I write every day, and it’s a snap for me. I realize that’s not true for everyone. I’m also an occupational therapist, musician, and INFJ, and I think in outlines. I didn’t realize this was a super-power until I was talking with a brilliant friend who is a healer and understood that it was hard for her to get her brilliance out of her head and into the hearts of the people who need to know about her.

After the initial shock, I knew what I had to do. I’ve started by creating this little guide to reassure you that you can do this. I think it demystifies the process of posting regular, helpful updates for your people and gives guidelines that anyone can follow.

And I’m always creating new ways to make this stuff ridiculously simple for you. So stay tuned.

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This is me when I’ve helped someone like you communicate and connect with the folks who need to hear from you.