To Whom It May Concern: Prayers Without the G-Word began as a personal practice of daily prayer. It quickly became a collection prayers and poems addressing the Divine in gratitude, in supplication, in wonderment, and in joy.

Finding as many ways to name It as I could became part of my spiritual and writing practice. Soon, I was seeing the Divine in everything, making my writing, my heart, my spirit, my reality, one seamless Truth.

To be constantly examining my ideas and my world for signs of Her and finding ways to render the poems to reflect that experience helped me to see greater Possibility than ever before.

There are morning and evening prayers, prayers in times of pain and joy, prayers in times when I was so confused all I could do was fall into Their arms and ask for help and care. There are prayers that speak to my connections to the natural world and to my shared experience with other people. There are prayers of gratitude.

If your spiritual path has taken you off the beaten path, perhaps there is something here for you.

Want to read some? Here’s an excerpt.

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I hope you find something that inspires and comforts you. If you recognize a kindred approach to spirituality, so much the better. May my prayers be of benefit to you.

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