Calling All Self-Help Nerds and Geeks

I really didn’t know which was the correct term, so I used both. No offense intended, nerds and geeks. I think I must be both, because they seem equally apt, to describe someone who buys self-help books, then does the exercises.

My friends take advantage of this, trying to use me as a surrogate for their own self-help. That’s twisted, isn’t it? “Did you get anything out of that book? Because I didn’t. Oh. You did the exercises? Wow. You’re so…”

And here, they pause as if looking for the right compliment, when actually they are reminding themselves that judging is bad and taking a moment to heroically reframe my obvious sickness into something positive.

Don’t look to me to remember which synonym for “virtuous” they usually choose. I have usually already stopped listening. Back when they let on that they read the book, but didn’t do the book.

Yeah, about that problem? I can’t help you. I can only do my own footwork.

But you, on the other had, you with the pencil stuck in your plastic spiral-bound yearly Planner for the Souped Up Soul? Yeah, you. You might be interested in what I’ve spent the last few couple of irrelevant-because-time-is-an-illusion time measuring units putting together:

I’ve got your interest, don’t I? Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. It’s my new workbook, Kick-Ass Guide to Getting Unstuck, which is a workbook for discovering and disarming limiting beliefs in all areas of your life. It includes How To Craft Affirmations and tells you how to transform your I-statements into Ah-statements.

I know what you’re thinking, because you, like I, have read – and done – a bazillion workbooks on using affirmations to heal everything. But have you ever found a powerful tool that guides you through a thorough process of  rooting out the peskiest of unconscious negative beliefs, the ones that are keeping you stuck? Has there ever graced your conscientiously self-disciplined personal growth area a clear guide to the anatomy of a kick-ass affirmation?

Most importantly, do your affirmations kick ass?

I thought not. Even if they do, or did, who couldn’t use a refresher? Especially a free one? Well, that’s exactly what I have created for you, my fellow self-help junkie. So look right up there on the upper right, where it says, A Gift For You. Something new and juicy to sink your teeth into.

And look out, you’re about to leave your lazy friends in the dust. Again.


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