How To Save Time, Give Value and Be Happy With This Easy Blog Format

Holistic practitioners, healers, coaches and entrepreneurs who need to write blog posts, don’t follow advice meant for bloggers unless you want to do a lot more work than necessary!

Remember Biology 101 and single-celled organisms? Remember thinking, “How do they survive with just one cell?” Yet, they do. They have everything they need to get energy, perform their cellular functions, expel waste and reproduce. Read more

Why You Don’t Have to Blog (And What You Probably Have To Do Instead)

Holistic entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, spiritual practitioners: I hear it all the time. “I really should start blogging.” This is usually accompanied by heavy sighs and a tone of resignation mixed with guilt-tripping and self flagellation. Truly inspiring.

Not. Read more

Useful Questions for Prosperity and Self-Confidence

Hola, Beauties!

Today’s quickie is a video of me blabbing a little about using the tool from Access Consciousness of asking questions and how they open possibility and have been help me a lot with my money and self-confidence. After the vid you’ll find a handy list of the questions I’ve put together that are rocking my world right now. And as a special Happy Sunday present for you, I’ve also made an audio file (at the bottom of the post) you can listen to and/or download of me reading the questions, so you can just have them in the background, meditate to them, or fall to sleep listening to them.

Put Your Business – and Your Heart – First

Are you a heart-business owner? A business owner of heart? Or just a person with a passion, struggling to make it “come off the page?” If so, this message is for you.

The following is an excerpt from an email I sent out to my current guided mastermind group as a follow-up to our in-person meeting yesterday. It sums up perfectly the interplay between self-esteem, daily nurturing practice, and taking right actions to move ourselves and our passions forward. Read more

How I Learned How to Learn: An Anecdotal Case Study of Right-Handed Juggling and Left-Handed Drumming

learn about learning juggling drumming

I was sitting in a drum workshop yesterday, when it hit me how much I’ve learned about learning since taking up drumming. I’m more comfortable with the learning process now than at any time in the past. When considered from the point of view of having attended public schools in the 1960s in suburban New Jersey, this is something of a miracle.

For all the things my excellent public school education did teach me, the one thing it didn’t was how to learn – Unless the best way to learn is to sit at a desk quietly listening to what a teacher is saying up at the front of the classroom. It never was for me, but I’m an adaptable sort, and it took me until entering an occupational therapy program in college at age 30 to learn that I’m a kinesthetic learner. I learn by touching, by doing and by experiencing. Read more

To-Do List Take Two: A Completely Different Way to Wrangle an Impossible Amount of Ambition, Pressure, Desire and Enthusiasm Within the Confines of the Three Dimensions of Time, Space and Physicality

I’ve been on a wild (internal) ride since the meeting of my guided mastermind group yesterday. To boil it all down to a nugget of truth, I’m in a time of vast transition in my business, as I work to bring my online presence and my offline work together to create one cohesive whole thing, my business.

I tell you this because my new focus for this blog will be helping people in business as solo spirit-preneurs navigate the many aspects of that work, which is the business I’m building offline, the work I love to do, and the thing that people call for advice about lots. Read more

Entrepreneurial Angst: Some Things to Consider When Self-Doubt Threatens Your Cool

I jotted down some thoughts after the a recent meeting of my guided mastermind group. Many of what follows could well be advice given to anyone just starting out in anything. But mostly it’s for creators, business-makers, solo-preneurs and spirit workers, who tend to work alone, on a vision unique to them, with a dedication that is driven by love, constantly attended by self-doubt and uncertainty.

Some of this stuff, you just can’t Google. Read more