How To Save Time, Give Value and Be Happy With This Easy Blog Format

Holistic practitioners, healers, coaches and entrepreneurs who need to write blog posts, don’t follow advice meant for bloggers unless you want to do a lot more work than necessary!

Remember Biology 101 and single-celled organisms? Remember thinking, “How do they survive with just one cell?” Yet, they do. They have everything they need to get energy, perform their cellular functions, expel waste and reproduce. Read more

Why You Don’t Have to Blog (And What You Probably Have To Do Instead)

Holistic entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, spiritual practitioners: I hear it all the time. “I really should start blogging.” This is usually accompanied by heavy sighs and a tone of resignation mixed with guilt-tripping and self flagellation. Truly inspiring.

Not. Read more

What’s stopping you from your creative dream and what to do instead

It’s a hobby of mine to ask people about the secret dreams they’ve given up on. As a childhood witness to adult disappointments, I learned there is no better guarantee of failure than to succumb to one of these 5 all-star reasons for letting your dreams go unfulfilled. It’s almost as if people with chronically unfulfilled dreams have substituted the reason for not doing it for the thing itself, so attached do they become to that reality, instead of putting their energy into creating the one they desire.

Bottom line: Success is never guaranteed. But you can guarantee failure by continuing to not take action on your dreams. How wrong would you like to be? Do you recognize any of these? Read more

12 Things You Can Do To Get Started on Your First (or Next) Book (Painlessly)

Sometimes, for reasons unknown to us, we can’t. get. started. even if the project is something we REALLY, REALLY want to do. Often it’s overwhelm that gets us. We don’t know quite where to begin. Writing that first word, especially if it’s our first go with making a book, can be intimidating. The good news is there are tons of things you can do before you actually start writing your book.

And these are not frilly, fool-yourself-into-doing-something things. These are actually important to do. These first 11 are the least threatening of the many things it pays to do before getting started with the writing, or at least early in the process. Read more

Five things that stop you from creating and what to do about them

If there’s nothing else you get out of this article, I want you to remember this one oddly comforting and horribly true thing: Nobody cares. Now, onto the things that stop you from putting pen or brush to paper or canvas, or writing that song or resume–and what you can do about them.

Fear of Failure

I’m not sure what people mean by this, because there are so many ways to fail, it’s almost impossible to count them. I’m tempted to ask, but I think that would just make these people more fearful. That said, there are also countless ways to succeed. Read more

How I Learned How to Learn: An Anecdotal Case Study of Right-Handed Juggling and Left-Handed Drumming

learn about learning juggling drumming

I was sitting in a drum workshop yesterday, when it hit me how much I’ve learned about learning since taking up drumming. I’m more comfortable with the learning process now than at any time in the past. When considered from the point of view of having attended public schools in the 1960s in suburban New Jersey, this is something of a miracle.

For all the things my excellent public school education did teach me, the one thing it didn’t was how to learn – Unless the best way to learn is to sit at a desk quietly listening to what a teacher is saying up at the front of the classroom. It never was for me, but I’m an adaptable sort, and it took me until entering an occupational therapy program in college at age 30 to learn that I’m a kinesthetic learner. I learn by touching, by doing and by experiencing. Read more

How Self-Care and Business-Care are Inseparable for Spirit Solo-preneurs

1 in 5 Americans works from home. In 2015 that amounted to about 48 million people. If you are one of these hardy souls, you know that working from home has its challenges. And if you’re a sensitive, caring spirit-preneur type –  a healer, energy worker, integrative health practitioner, alternative medicine practitioner, naturopath, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, animal communicator, workshop leader, Qoya facilitator, massage therapist, body worker, etc. – you’re probably more likely to be sensitive to the needs of others, sacrificing your personal or business time to take care of someone else.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been guilty of throwing my needs overboard at the first invitation. Because isn’t that what life is constantly doing? Inviting us to choose where to place our attention and energy? Whether we know it or not, life is made of such choices. The problem is, I didn’t always know that’s what I was choosing. And then, inevitably I’d start feeling resentful or overwhelmed, and that’s when I’d realize that no one’s gonna take care of my business but me. Read more