12 Things You Can Do To Get Started on Your First (or Next) Book (Painlessly)

Sometimes, for reasons unknown to us, we can’t. get. started. even if the project is something we REALLY, REALLY want to do. Often it’s overwhelm that gets us. We don’t know quite where to begin. Writing that first word, especially if it’s our first go with making a book, can be intimidating. The good news is there are tons of things you can do before you actually start writing your book.

And these are not frilly, fool-yourself-into-doing-something things. These are actually important to do. These first 11 are the least threatening of the many things it pays to do before getting started with the writing, or at least early in the process. Read more

On Being Sixty, or Wherever You Are

21,900 days completed. Sixty is a tidy number. It’s respectable as ages go. You can’t argue with sixty. Sixty is no longer funny. To anyone else. I’m the only one who seems to be laughing.

I’m laughing because I’m delighted and proud, and that’s what I do when I’m nervous. Not nervous as in afraid, but nervous as in excited: What’s going to happen next? I’ve never climbed this high into a tree before! When I speak people listen; I finally know how to do things! Whee! Read more