How to Give Hugs On Social Media: Responding to Tragedy

responding to tragedy on social media

How do you respond–or do you respond–to tragedy and crisis on social media? To mention and address the news may mean taking a stand, and that may feel risky. Wishing to avoid accidentally alienating clients and colleagues, current or future, we may decide to say nothing. But being silent when the Internet is ablaze with a tragic event may make you look unaware, insensitive or, worse, irrelevant.

But as owners of wellness-related businesses, we really should have a response, because our business–and our higher purpose and reason for being in business is highly relevant to bringing healing and health to those who need it. In fact, events like these create an opportunity for us to be leaders, as our customers and friends look for solace and meaning in the aftermath. Read more

How To Save Time, Give Value and Be Happy With This Easy Blog Format

Holistic practitioners, healers, coaches and entrepreneurs who need to write blog posts, don’t follow advice meant for bloggers unless you want to do a lot more work than necessary!

Remember Biology 101 and single-celled organisms? Remember thinking, “How do they survive with just one cell?” Yet, they do. They have everything they need to get energy, perform their cellular functions, expel waste and reproduce. Read more

Why You Don’t Have to Blog (And What You Probably Have To Do Instead)

Holistic entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, spiritual practitioners: I hear it all the time. “I really should start blogging.” This is usually accompanied by heavy sighs and a tone of resignation mixed with guilt-tripping and self flagellation. Truly inspiring.

Not. Read more

Five things that stop you from creating and what to do about them

If there’s nothing else you get out of this article, I want you to remember this one oddly comforting and horribly true thing: Nobody cares. Now, onto the things that stop you from putting pen or brush to paper or canvas, or writing that song or resume–and what you can do about them.

Fear of Failure

I’m not sure what people mean by this, because there are so many ways to fail, it’s almost impossible to count them. I’m tempted to ask, but I think that would just make these people more fearful. That said, there are also countless ways to succeed. Read more

Do You Know These Secrets of Creative Alchemy?

magic formula or magic trick?

We Earthbound Creatives often feel the enormous gulf between the magical alignment with our creative flow that we long for and where we are now on our creative path. Getting to alignment doesn’t take sleight of hand so much as it takes knowing some of the manifesting secrets that creatives have used through time. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does touch on the major points: claim your truth, have a daily practice, create a magical space, and, beware the Devil’s bargain. Instead, strike a good bargain with the loving Universe, which is totally on your side.

 1. Ritual = Regular Intervals(time+place+purpose).

Each moment is an intersection of time + place + purpose. What makes it a ritual is you repeat it, keeping time (when and for how long), place and purpose the same. I’ve often written here about the power of daily writing, but only seldom have I spoken of the magic of my writing space. Now, before you imagine that I have your idea of the perfect writing space, let me tell you that half the room is filled with cartons and piles, and the corners are stacked with stuff. It was designed to be a bedroom and has an entire wall of closets. The closets are filled with winter coats and boxes of photographs and my supplies for mailing and packaging, art supplies, musical instruments and my five 25-quart plastic bins full of notebooks. So it’s not a pristine, distraction-free oasis. Read more

What Do You Want to Create Today?

Midweek Update:

My brain is in distract mode. I’m flitting from FB to researching things to do/eat/enjoy in Portland. I’m paying bills, answering emails. The email discussion is about consciousness for Pete’s sake. Last night I dreamt my Dad was driving with his shirt off. He was very happy. It was warm out. He doesn’t visit very often, but I’m glad he visited last night. I woke up thinking, I’m not ready for another person to die. I wanted to write letters to everyone. This is my letter. I love you. You matter more than you’ll ever know, more than I can ever say. Those stupid thumbs up and smilies, shares and comments, it’s just evidence that you’re out there. In some ways, it’s evidence that I’m here, too. I also talked with real people on the phone. I ate cookies. I worked on the outline for my writing program and created a separate document, a task list, and one of the categories ended up being “wildest dreams!” On a task list! But, yeah, I want to have a retreat once a year where writers in my program, current, future and graduates, get together and deep dive into this crazy journey of creatively living, expressing and coming out of the closet as who we are. And I want to send little gift baskets every 6 weeks or so, like real ones, in the mail, to my clients who are slaving away at their books. Hand cream, buckwheat pillows, comics, coupons. I might as well pour my heart into this, because I’m creating it, and I get to say how it goes. Where else can we do that? That’s why I’ve started saying, “What do I want to create today?” instead of “There’s no money coming in!” at the beginning of every day. Both create the life that I live, and only one creates the life I want to be living. I stayed in my P.J’s all day. I’m going to shower and change before bed, though. Do you know what matters? Me neither. But I trust that if I follow my gut ruthlessly and quickly and listen for the instinct that comes before I have a chance to understand it….You know something? It takes practice to create. To really catch that impulse and be true to it and not try to make it all neat and just like something that already is. It’s such a simple thing. None of it is complicated. But, jeez, the training we have to undo in order to be able to be true to the creative, expressive impulse that’s within in us. So, I give myself a pass on the P.J.’s and the cookies. I created something today. I loved today. I connected, and I laughed at myself. I figure this puts me in the top 5%.  How blessed and lucky is that? How lucky and blessed do you want to be? What do you want to create today?

I Might Have What It Takes

Finally, at the end of the day, on 10 x14 watercolor paper, with a handful of unfamiliar, trashy pens, too tired to resist, I sit down to write. Until now I’ve been pushing words out of me like that hot air gust in the doorway of a department store in the city. Pushing it out, pushing it out, that kind of writing. The kind where I have to make up something to say, just to be able to say I am writing. That’s the perspiration part of the creative craft.

What’s been missing is inspiration. And while it’s foolish (and impossible) to wait for inspiration, it is possible and sometimes necessarily to arrange for some. During my three week dry spell, I filled my life with experience. Not artist dates, not soulful hot baths or solitary treks in the woods. Experience. I threw myself into a community project that seemed to need me. Both the throwing and the project stirred up so much in me that I finally was driven to the page to express myself. Then all I had to do was listen and get it down. Read more