Thats right, you! Stop doing and just sit. Get yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and relax. Breathe. Now, answer honestly: Do you have it set up that in order to receive the goodies in life, you have to work hard? You have created a situation in which you are indispensable (or want to believe that you are) and are in danger of overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion. It is essential that you do something to put yourself in an attitude of receptivity so that the Universe can refill your rapidly emptying stores of energy. Doing nothing is an excellent start. If you do not create the space for the Universe to support you, you will soon be running on empty.

If you have developed this way of living for fear that nobody knows or cares about you, remember that in order to receive you have to be willing to be the first to love you. Ask yourself how you can love yourself today. What self-care or spirit care activities have you let go by the wayside? When was the last time you did something just for yourself? What would you secretly love to do that nobody else on Earth would want or care about? A junky movie with butter-laden popcorn? A romance novel gulped down in one day? A facial? A hike in the woods or walk on the beach? A ride to an unknown destination? An afternoon with a blank notebook in a strange cafe?

If your heart leapt at one of those suggestions, stop right now and make a naughty but necessary list for yourself of what you will do to indulge yourself, then put it on your calendar. Prioritize you. Then see how the world looks once you have allowed yourself some refreshment.

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