Everyone Knows This About You

© Phyllis Capanna
© Phyllis Capanna

Were you ever told never to show up without a present for the hostess? Does it feel wrong not to have a “little something” to give when you go somewhere as a guest? This message wants you to imagine showing up with nothing but yourself. How would that feel? Naked? Ungrateful? Not enough? Getting in for free?

It is very good to see what comes up here. It is not bad to come with a hostess gift, but it is much better to do it out of love and generosity than out of a sense of making up for something that you inherently lack.

The Universe would like you to try showing up some place with just you, your big heart, and happy, appreciative presence. If you have been hiding behind doing or giving tokens to gain entry, know that you are the gift, when you are truly present. Do not cut yourself off from the real exchange of giving and receiving by fretting over tokens.

It really is okay to come with just yourself, at least some of the time. Think for a moment of the places you go without any conscious thought that your presence matters: the grocery store, a concert, a walk down the block. This message is reminding you that wherever you are, you bring the gift of you.

It is time for you to know that you are enough. If you are still protesting that you give gifts because you want to, then try doing so without an occasion, anonymously, and let go of the need to always do a little extra.

photo: Robyn Deveney
photo: Robyn Deveney

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0 thoughts on “Everyone Knows This About You

  1. Hi Phyllis! Long time, no contact from me, but my spiritual quest continues and you are often carried on my mind and in my heart with gratitude. I love this post, about “just bring yourself as a gift.” Yes, we are all gifts, wrapped in a human form. If we are not “gifting ourselves to others,” perhaps we are focusing our sense of value on something much less significant. Your fellow New Englander, good ol’ Ralph Waldo Emerson, said it beautifully: The only true gift is a portion of thyself. Your blogs – or soul messages – truly are gifts of thyself for your readers to unwrap, to investigate, to “play with,” to appreciate. So this is a thank you note, dear one: Thank you for the gift that is you!

    1. David Ryynanen, how nice to have you visit my blog again! I was just wondering how you are doing and missing you. You, too, are often in my thoughts as one of the good-hearted people who bring light into the world! Thanks for your comments!

  2. You know, dear friend, when I first met you and Robyn, little did I realize what a satisfying serendipity it would turn out to be. I was happy to meet two kind souls who selflessly, happily served Pauline and Donna in celebrating their love with their wedding ceremony. I had no real clue that I would soon recognize that we have all perceived what I call “the Great Love,” and – perceiving that we all share its wonder – that we cannot help but feel affection for each other. Namaste!

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