Everything You Need You Already Have

Hey there, it’s been a while. I thought I’d include my blogosphere buds in my holiday happ’nin’s. It really is a double – no, make that triple – life sometimes. What got me writing today is that I just realized my whole process here has totally been mirroring the one core belief I love living by the most.

Here it is:

Everything You Need You Already Have

What’s that got to do with holidays? Two things: First, the kinds of gifts that I like to give are ones that meet a spiritual, soul or heart need, not a physical one. (Except for how soulful certain scarves and foods can be!)

Second, I decided/was guided to offer a holiday special this year, in the interest of achieving my primary business goal of connecting with my tribe. So, I am offering a two-fer (which you can read about and take advantage of here.)

Next, I went about preparing for the orders to come in. This gave me a great excuse to visit some of my favorite art and craft supply stores and take advantage of some of their sales. I got some luscious, rich papers, and really couldn’t find much else that floated my boat, so I stuck with the colored paper and went home to root around.

At home I found:

The remains of beautiful marbleized paper I’d made about 30 years ago
A small pile of handmade papers I’d bought from a local artist
Some sheets of paper I’d made myself, about 10 years ago
The remainders of origami papers I’d purchased over the years
Sharpies in all colors including gold and silver, plus about 10 other gold, silver and white paint markers, plus a whole set of fine point Sharpies in about 8 colors
A stash of fabric, grosgrain and wired ribbons
Glitter paper, glitter, sequins, tacky glue, rolling cutter and cutting board
2 pads of black art paper
Tons of colored, holiday and non-, tissue paper

Are you getting my drift?

Everything I needed I already had. For my project. My brand-new-I’ve-never-done-this-before-I-wonder-how-I’ll-pull-it-off project.

I believe this about everything. (I can be so literal sometimes.) I believe that what I am seeking from the world I have inside. I believe that what I most want from life comes when I am able to receive it. I believe that as a group, we humans already have world peace and enough for everyone. I believe that the only thing that’s going to have changed, when these things come to pass, is people’s mindsets. We’re not going to invent ourselves out of poverty and war. We are going to heal ourselves out of those conditions.

This is what I see is possible: We can heal. What do my holiday special have to do with that? It’s a tiny contribution to personal healing. The Soul Messages are small reminders that we are beautiful and deserving, wise leaders, and that this is a benevolent universe. Once enough of us know that and live that, we will have the critical consciousness shift that will bring about healing for all of humanity.

Question: What contribution of yours have you been telling yourself is too small and insignificant to matter?

Grateful as always, to have this space and community.


And here’s the link again, in case you are interested in taking advantage of my holiday specials and helping me use up my wonderful treasures, or just want to see what I’ve been making.

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