Something Else

It’s not that I haven’t prayed;
it’s that my prayer has been very simple: “Help me.”

And, by asking and opening,
and by doing step-step-step,
I have been helped;

helped to get through the moments and days
without doing harm.

Today I can feel my feelings of sadness
without trying to make them go away.

For this I am grateful,
because it means my heart is working.

Please bless those on this same path who are suffering today,
for they, too, have functioning hearts,
if only they will pause long enough to listen.

Listen, yes, to suffering, but to keep listening,
because beneath and after,
when the suffering has been allowed to be,
there is something else.

I cannot tell you what it is, I cannot name it.
I just know that it is something else, not suffering,
a new place You bring me too.

In that clearing, I need no names,
and that is a relief, for naming only limits
the Vastness that delivers me home.

Prayer Before Drumming

Keeper of the Sun,
Whose rhythms give us life,
We honor and bless Your perfect conspiracy
to keep us alive, fed, warm, and thriving.

We honor and witness growth and change,
metamorphosis and transformation,
process and emergence,
and of all that is Life.

We honor the Love-force,
including our thoughts, our perceptions
and our wisdom.

We witness Your blessing of our drums,
of our hands and our hearts,
and we ask You to help us to bring these new frequencies
into the densest places of pain.



I offer gratitude
for the beauty of this world,
for sky, and creatures,
for love welling up in my heart,
for this life, this home.
I feel that my Creator
loves and cares for me,
that I am one with this Benevolence,
that I am precious and beautiful,
that all of life is precious
and beautiful.


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