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Am I the only one who has these seminal moments, when I wake up wherever I am and “get” something that was staring me in the face the whole time, such that I become consciously aware that it’s a meaningful thing to me? The Universe seems to present me with these moments as a way of tugging on my sleeve. Hey! Pay attention!

When I attended the Mind Body Spirit Festival, organized by Alice King and Cheryl Bean-Moody, the first time, it had been a long time since I’d attended a “psychic fair,” long ago and far away in Cambridge, MA. That long-ago psychic fair had left a kind of off taste in my memory. I’d received a  warning about something I thought was bull, and I’d felt surrounded by folks who seemed more interested in passing themselves off as special and weird than in being of service and making a human connection. (Or maybe that was me. It was decades ago, and there is a theory that it’s all a projection. But let’s just say.)

I enjoyed the first MBS Festival, had had a wonderful reading and had walked away with a personalized aromatherapy scent. (The way to my heart is through my nose. Well, one of the ways.)  So I went back a second time. I remember standing in the doorway as I was leaving, turning around and looking back at the room, abuzz with a joyous and loving energy, and saying, “These are my people. This is where I want to be.”

It was the love that I felt bubbling up out of all those conversations that got me. It’s that’s simple. I don’t have that much more to say about it. My advice: Find the love, feel the love, go where the love is.

Here’s a link to the program for this weekend’s festival, which will be a the Hutchinson Center at U. Maine in Belfast, from 10-4: MBS Fest -Belfast Spring 2014

Okay, I do have a little more to say about it. What’s all this about psychic readings, crystals, aromatherapy, animal communication, tarot cards, and angels? All I can say is, if you’re curious, come and stroll around. It’s a $5 admission fee that goes to a worthy cause, Habitat For Humanity. Use your gut, and if something strikes you, ask about it. The cool thing about fairs like this is that it’s full of practitioners who love what they do and are eager to talk with you about it, regardless of whether you are there to spend any money or simply to learn. And sometimes the other attendees are just as interesting and inspiring to be with as the exhibitors.

Soul Messages ©Phyllis Capanna

The people who have tables at this event have a common interest, not only in metaphysics and the occult, but also in alternative paths to health and wellness.  The human being is a multi-layered creature, with both subtle and gross energies, strengths and vulnerabilities, and the ways in which the whole of us is woven together reminds me of a beautifully knotted fisherman’s net. Lots of tiny places in perfect tension makes a cohesive and sturdy whole. If you’re feeling like you need a different perspective on where you’re at in life, or have a health issue that your curious about, try tugging on a knot. It can surprise and empower you to discover those connections within.  Attend to one part, and another falls into balance. I love that.

© Phyllis Capanna
Soul Messages © Phyllis Capanna

But to be honest, some of the stuff we do is weird even to us sometimes, but that’s also part of the attraction. When you make it your mode of operation to follow the guidance you seem to be receiving from something wise, loving, and powerful, something undeniable, you tend to find yourself unable to explain but firmly trusting in the rightness of where you stand. And curiously uninterested in proving anything.

I’ve already gushed about how much I enjoy meeting with people and talking about the Soul Messages, witnessing people experiencing them for the first time, and sending them off with folks who are embarking on new directions and life adventures and taking the cards with them. But on a personal note, as part of my spiritual path, it is empowering to rent a table, put up a sign and tell the world, albeit the very small world of Belfast, Maine, hey, I’m into this stuff.

I’m into this stuff and I want to connect with you, because I think together we could be on to something wonderful for humanity. And because this is where I feel the love.

Soul Messages ©PhyllisCapanna
Soul Messages ©PhyllisCapanna


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