Five Essential Notes to Hit in Your Holistic Business Holiday Marketing Plan (and some free downloads to help you do it easily)

The holidays are a great time to market your holistic health or healing business. The service you provide and/or the product you offer are SO needed at this time of year!

Although the fit may seem obvious to you, your potential client may be tempted to skip your service and just push on. The best holiday marketing plan lets your customers know that what you do is relevant during the holidays. And the holidays present the perfect opportunity for you to let your customers know how much you appreciate them.

5 Essential Themes for Your Holistic Business Holiday Marketing Plan

The dominant theme of the winter holiday season is peace: Goods and services that promote inner peace, outer peace, provide a peaceful moment, or allow your clients to create peace in their gift-giving will be welcomed by your clients. Any healing modality that promotes well-being can be marketed in terms of the peace it promotes.

If you counsel or coach, you can offer “inner peace” sessions, or sell an item that is consistent with that theme, such as a mindfulness or meditation book, CD or link. Yoga is a natural fit here. If you provide another kind of service, is there a way you can give your clients peace or ease stress by taking a burden off of them (priced specially for the holidays)?

Another holiday theme is good will: Services and products that promote good will between you and your clients, including the ones just discovering you for the first time fit in here. How do you promote good will? You think of a way to go the extra mile for your customers. Wrap a gift when they purchase during the holidays. Offer free shipping. Give them a gift card with a purchase. Or give them a thank you coupon they can bring in after January 1.

vibrant-energycoverMy Vibrant Energy Self-Care Planner hits both of these notes. Download it for free and share with your clients. (You can use it, too, of course!)

Speaking of thank you, holidays are the perfect time for you to express your appreciation and gratitude to your clients, both your most loyal customers and your fearless first-timers. In addition to the other suggestions here, you could offer a super-duper early bird special just to loyal customers. And make sure they know this is something exclusive for them.

Coming next week: free downloadable holiday client appreciation cards!

Or you can add a special thank you gift when people come in during the holidays. Examples: Inspirational cards, gift cards and certificates of thanks, essential oil samplers, candles, and other items with thank you and you’re special messages on them. Cooking oils, sachets, laminated EFT cue card, book excerpt or funny quote from book on a postcard, bookmark, T shirt, handy de-stress reference tool are all great ideas.

SoulMessagesCroppedCheck out my Soul Message cards and books on sale. They make great stocking stuffers, gift enclosures and inspirational message grabs in your waiting room or retail counter. (There’s also a link at the end of this article for a free pdf download of each, if you don’t want to wait for shipping.)

Here’s a whole website devoted to the Soul Messages, where you can check them out up close. But come back here for the special holiday pricing.

Obviously, holidays are also a time of celebration. Goods and services that help your clients and customers celebrate the holidays in a meaningful way or that help them see something as celebration-worthy are relevant during this time. Greeting cards, ornaments, healthy indulgences, body care products, tiny books, key chains, pens, markers, mugs, calendars for the new year, a stone or stones, and little baubles as give-aways all work.

The fifth element is refuge. This time of year is so stressful and the expectation to feel happy is so pervasive, that your clients may appreciate your business as a place where they can escape from holiday madness rather than revel in it. You can offer products and services that help your clients deal with the holidays better, lower their stress, or provide a refuge in the storm. These include providing them with ways to simplify their gift-giving, such as gift certificates and gift items, or providing services to that take away some of their stress, such as massage, yoga classes, or energy work.

gift-certificateBe sure and have gift certificates on hand to make it easy for your clients to share their enthusiasm for your services with their loved ones. Here’s a gift certificate download all ready for you to customize and print out.

Wrap It Up: Keep it simple and have fun. It’s over before you know it.

One of the best things about the holidays for your marketing plan is the time element. Urgency to act now is built in. It’s also a time when people love to spend money. Some of that should come to you. Of course, now (as in, today) is also the time for you to devise a plan for how to capitalize on the holidays to bring in more business. Since time is of the essence, keep it simple, have fun, and keep your customers’ needs in mind.

Enjoy these free downloads to make it easier to hit all the right holiday notes this holiday season!

The free holiday gift certificate template is here.

Soul Message cards and books holiday sale page is here.

sm-cards-pretty-diy-imageToo rushed to wait? Download the Soul Messages on card stock and cut them out yourself, for the super-low price of (free.) 🙂

It’s a 5-page pdf with a 6th page of card backs if you wish to print double-sided and have a card-back design. (Classy!)

Download the Soul Messages e-book here. (Also free, because holidays.)

Vibrant Health Holiday Self-Care Planner is here.

Enjoy! I love you! Thank you!


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