For Going Into Winter

IMG_3036November Snow

yellow maple leaves come unpinned

fly down and scatter on early snow

carpet strewn with net of sunshine

points wagging and draped into every crease

and footstep, extravagant the multitude

of yellow star-shaped splashes, dying

I remind myself, on their way to brown,

to dry and crinkled dust, their thin bodies

displayed across an acre, grass

pile of refuse boards and discarded bicycle

covered alike in white dappled with yellow

all are on their way to dying.

Can I surrender and be strewn like this

in my dying colors?


jack-o-lantern lit from within,

grim reaper’s eerie grin escort me

to the other side of summer.

The November elections bring us closer

to the grave we fear so much,

but I am hopeful, following the maples:

Perhaps all the intrenched realities of life

are coming to their death.

The maple leaf’s public and joyful pageant

stamping every thing I see with its death logo

in this season of the thinnest veil between the worlds

is ignored at the cost of missing the beauty

of this stage of transformation as the world

prepares to travels its root to the Source.

November Snow. Photo by Phyllis Capanna

Compost Bin. Photo by Phyllis Capanna


by Phyllis Capanna © 2014 joyreport

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0 thoughts on “For Going Into Winter

  1. But the maple leaf’s last protest to the forthcoming death, and all it’s mystery, proclaims it’s glory to the ensuing beauty that is called spring. Not for me to understand the Maine winter, but for me, autumn’s color is a beautiful entry into the wonderful respite of life…the joy of getting out and enjoying nature and all her beauty, away from the stifling heat of the summer and early fall. Opening to all the beauty of this wonderful, breath-taking world. Aside: I don’t know what Maine falls or winters are like, except much harsher than VA’s! An invitation for you to spend a winter, or a week or two, with a southerner in Va and write on our poor, poor example of winter!

    1. Respite from WHAT heat? HaHa – Great to have your VA perspective on the seasons, and lovely to have you reading and commenting on my poems and writings. Let’s keep the connection going.

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