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Master the Inner Game Articles and Resources

A specially curated collection of articles to inspire and encourage you, plus a video lecture series on how to use daily writing it to keep you on track and centered.


You Can Do This!

The Power of Listening to Yourself

Put Your Heart and Your Business First

Video Lecture Series (with transcripts)

Video Lecture Series: Daily Writing 101

Ignite Your True Power as a Healer

Complete the Self-Empowerment Quiz and Discovery Playform as a starting point to discovering your greatest gifts as a healer, which in turns helps you find that elusive perfect client and start attracting them to your work. It will also open up your thinking and ignite your creativity about how to create your vision for your healing practice. 

In addition to the Self-Empowerment Quiz and Discovery Playform, enjoy an audio lecture on the power of niche, and see how to use it open up amazing possibilities for your work.

Get the transcript here.

Be More Productive, Grounded and Organized

Free ebook: Spirit-preneurs and Money: A Grounded Guide

Be More Effective With Clients

Article: Healing Conversations

Rest, Recharge and Rhythm: Bonus Track

Tar Groove in 15 Remix

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