“I really have been blessed to have been instructed by you. You are truly an inspiring OT, a wise teacher, an accomplished listener, and a kind human spirit.”

Love Yourself Forward is the name of my coaching practice. I asked myself, “What is it I have done to help myself learn, grow, develop and become something beyond what I thought possible?” There are so many answers to that question, but they can all be summarized by this one phrase: Love Yourself Forward.

There are three essential phases of the Love Yourself Forward process The first,  Love Yourself Real, has to do with acknowledging the real deal of what you’re struggling with, telling yourself the truth about it, and owning it. This is the first step in self-empowerment. The second phases, Love Yourself Whole, is about developing yourself as a whole person: body, mind, spirit, emotions. The third phase, Love Yourself Forward, is where you make choices and take inspired actions that are consistent with who you are and where you want to be, based on what you’ve learned in the previous two phases.

Regardless of where you’re at with your process of becoming, the key word is love. As your coach-consultant, I stand for the most loving choices and attitudes, listening with an ear for the whole of you, encouraging you to listen to yourself in a loving way, and supporting you to make loving choices moving forward. I listen for the voice of your soul, as expressed in your dreams, wishes, struggles, physical symptoms, and discontentedness. If you work with me, I will ask you to listen to yourself, to connect with what’s in your heart, to love yourself, and to have dreams, to make goals and and take actions.

I believe the process works for life and for business. When we’re stuck we need to go back to one of the essential steps, and once we are connected with ourselves again, we can know what the next right steps will be. To read more about the Love Yourself Forward Process, read this blog post.

I don’t have a coaching certification. What I do have is a degree in and 28 years of experience as an occupational therapist, which is a holistic behavioral approach to functioning as a human. Add to that my degree in counseling psychology, a certificate in Spiritual Psychology, training in shamanism and experience in the recovery movement, and what you have is a well-rounded, experienced and savvy consultant for the personal growth, self-healing and self-expressing process. I am also an author, songwriter and drummer, well-versed in what it takes to allow your voice to be heard, first in the living room, and then in the world.  Read more about me here.

I won’t tell you what to do, what to believe, or who you are. I will tell you when something rings true or thuds with self-deception, and I will hold you accountable for reaching the goals you establish with me.

To reach me to chat about whether we’d be a good fit to work together, fill out the contact form on this page.

“Phyllis has an amazing capacity for synthesizing information from many sources and presenting it in a way that’s easy to understand. She has amassed an enormous toolbox of personal growth and self-help techniques.” – Deb Gowen, RN, CNM, Integrative Healthcare Practitioner

Love Yourself Forward in Business

Have a Business? Join my guided mastermind group, starting October, 2016. More info here!

Do you need

  • a regularly scheduled spiritual retreat for your business?
  • someone to help you prioritize and keep you on track?
  • a group of smart, intuitive support people to bounce ideas off of?
  • a place to collapse and then re-group?
  • help clarifying your business vision, mission, customer and niche?

This 6-month facilitated group will meet once a month for two hours in person. We’ll create accountability buddies and you’ll have membership in our private Facebook page. You will have access to me by phone or email, as well as receive a private consultation session and an Access Bars ® session, all for $600.

Access Bars ®

“I saw you at Inland Hospital’s health fair this spring and was skeptical, but tried something new for myself. I have always struggled with food as my addiction. I am also a long time member of Al Anon…. After seeing you I reached out to an old O. A. [Overeaters Anonymous] friend….This is where you come in…I have had a spiritual awakening and seems like I am so connected and working very hard on my food addiction without struggle!! I am reaching out to all around me instead of being quiet. I also purchased your Soul Message deck and book. Today’s card Use Your Voice. You are Safe and Strong reminded me to write you.”  – anonymous Access Bars ® client

Access Bars ® is  a simple practice of placing my fingers on specific points on your head, allowing you to discharge, defrag, clear and open stuck places that had been points of view, decisions and realities you no longer need.

I use Access as a tool in my coaching practice as well as in my personal life. It’s fun and easy and really makes a difference! Sessions run about an hour to an hour and a half and must be done in person.

For more information about Access Consciousness, go here. To book a session, contact me.

Writing, Editing and Writing Coaching

The best thing to do is to look around and read this blog. Download my pdf booklets and articles, and if you like my writing and think you want my input on your project, get in touch. I love helping writers write well, write from the heart, and be clear about what they are doing.

“I attended one of Phyllis’ writing workshops and found the exercises to be creative, inspiring and thought provoking.  I was encouraged to dig deeper and find new ways of expressing myself.  It was my first writing workshop and I am thrilled with what I walked away with.  By the time I completed her workshop, I also realized I need to contact Phyllis to write, or help me write, articles for my business, including letters, website information and editing my company newsletter.  I find her to have a mastery of words that I can only aspire to. She is now my go-to person for my business when I need something written for publication.” – Eva Goulette, Dancing Jaguar Inspirations


For information about my song, Singer’s Prayer, see this page, which includes ordering info and a listening link.

“Thank you for writing this beautiful piece and for enriching our lives and the lives and deaths of our hospice clients.”

Frame Drum

I offer frame drum processionals for ceremonies and events. Please visit the Rhythm Rising Frame Drum Ensemble Facebook page, for more information.