How To Stay Relevant While Marketing Your Holistic, Spiritual or New Age Business on Social Media

It’s a criticism I’ve heard from within the holistic entrepreneur community: Some of us are continuing our promoting and posts promising “the best year yet!”, and it’s starting to sound a little – or a lot – tone deaf.

I grant that most people in business who have an online presence are struggling to find a balance between getting caught up in the tension of the times and ignoring it completely. Many don’t want to be too political, and others haven’t yet processed their own reactions to the upheaval that is all around us.

I wanted to offer some thoughts for the holistic entrepreneur – coaches, speakers, authors, healers, practitioners of all kinds – who are struggling to be relevant to their potential customers, readers and clients on social media especially, during these great, shifting, unpredictable times. These all boil down to one thing: Conduct your social media outreach as you would any interaction with a client. Be sensitive to where they’re at and what they’re going through.

  1. Now’s your time to be a beacon for your clients, customers and readers. What are you doing to stay balanced, sane, whole? Share that on social media. The more vulnerable and transparent we can be about your own struggles and strategies, showing what you have in common with your clients as well as how you are coping (both what’s worked and what hasn’t), the more people see that you’re for real, and the more they will trust you.

2. Share your positive vision for the world. If you haven’t done so already, create a mission statement and publicize it to your networks. Mission statements are about what you stand for as a business entity. It’s a great way to communicate your values and goals, so that the right clients can find alignment with you. And because of the kind of business you have, your missions statement alone can provide hope for someone who reads it.

3. Post helpful items on your social media channels.  Make sure that what you post doesn’t just add noise. Use your platform to express gratitude, call out others in your field whose work you admire, and acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge what is going right, gains and wins, in your communities.  Just as everyone in an abusive situation is in some way affected by the abuse, so is everyone uplifted in an environment of acknowledgement and respect.

4. Now is the time to live your spirituality. So if your beliefs have no frame of reference for what is happening and how to deal with it, take the opportunity to deepen your spirituality, in whatever way is right for you. But don’t let yourself off the hook for addressing the world’s (and your clients’) problems in some way that is constructive. It’s not enough to blow stardust and ascend to a higher plane when your clients are suffering, struggling and full of fear and upset. And if, in your search for deeper meaning and presence, you find something helpful, share that with your people, too.

My helpful resources of the last 7 days: Your Life Is Your Message by Eknath Easwaran, the Shambala Pocket Series Essential Chogyam Trungpa, Yes Magazine, my blogger besties, Amy Lyn Andrews (blogging geek extraordinaire), Jane Friedman’s blog (resources for writers), The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book, and I recently instituted “Snicker Sunday” on my Facebook page, posting only funny things and pictures of food.

Other wonderful activities: writing a kids’ affirmation song for this coming season’s Dancing Jaguar Spirit Camps, Eva’s Goulette’s wonderful brainchild, and drumming (rhythms in 7: bliss)

In fact, I think you need to hear this Layne Redmond and Tommy Be recording of Seven Sent by Layne right now. If you agree, here’s the link. Enjoy.

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