How to Get Ideas for a Song

Haha, see what I did there? Yeah, ideas to write a song. And ideas that cost a song. In other words, they’re free, kids. All you have to do is

Keep a running list of random oblique inspiration-generating ideas to get you from where you are to someplace else.

In today’s post (Welcome back!), I give you another peek into my creative process. In this case, I use my own random inspiration generator to help me get started with lyrics for a song. I explain the whole thing in the vid. But what I forgot to say was that the building blocks for this are to make it a habit to create something every day. Every single day. Each and every single day.

You get the idea. It doesn’t have to be elaborate (obviously!) or a masterpiece. The point of this is really twofold. One, to get over yourself already. And two, to create that well-worn pathway between you and your creative voice. And three (Did I say I could count?) to hone your chops.

The other necessaries, at least to my way of thinking, were discussed in the last post, Permission and a Promise. Permission to create and be, however and whatever. And a promise, I will not reject you, judge you, laugh at you, or make you perform before you’re ready!

After my video, I’ve also shared the nerdy-cool science vlog from NPR that helped get me unstuck in my songwriting process, called Skunk Bear with Adam Cole. Do check it out.

Last but not least, and never one to miss a teaching moment, I’m sure you’ll notice that the audio and video are out of sync in my vid. I could have spent all day figuring out how to fix it, but I decided to let it be. No harm done, and not a final performance. Just add it to the list of tech skills to master along the way, preferably not when I’m trying to get a blog post published!

And the link to find out more about the Reclaim Your Creative Soul program is here. (Scroll to the bottom of the post.)

Lots of love,

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Ideas for a Song

  1. I like your idea of keeping a running list. I kind of do the same thing but more in the form of constant recordings on my iPhone. I call my creative process The Three Bears: baby bear (iPhone), mommy bear (computer) and daddy bear (recording studio). If they make the cut, the Iphone versions met the computer :).

      1. I do write songs. Not enough time in the day :). I wrote a post today and posted a wee video. The creative process is fascinating isn’t it? I would love to give a talk about. I think the key for me is that you need to have imagination. Having imagination is the bedrock upon which you are able to see in your mind’s eye different scenarios, feelings or emotions. Once seen, you use words to chip away at these scenarios until they’re carved just just right and in so doing reveal their true selves: like a beautiful sculpture.

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