How To Serve More Powerfully and Shift from Insecure to Confident in One Lifetime.

I’m sorry that the concept of niche has been taken over by the marketing world, because it’s so much more than “targeting” a “segment” of the “market” so you can sell more.

Niche is an ecological term that means the place in the entire ecosystem where an organism belongs, because it’s part of a bigger picture in which everything thrives in its place and in turn makes it possible for everything else to thrive.

It’s about interdependence, not domination or trickery.

The concept of ecological niche is illustrative of my deeply held belief – in fact it’s a knowing, and I’m sure you have it, too – that everything has a place, and that this ecosystem called life is perfectly designed already.

Where we get confused and muddled is when we don’t understand anything about our “place.” What benefit we bring, why it matters that we’re here, how we contribute to the wellness of everything, how we need everything around us, and how, to quote Jim Hightower, “Everybody does better when everybody does better.”

Instead, we worry about whether we’re good enough, whether anyone loves and accepts us, whether we can finally be enough and somehow eradicate our seemingly never-ending self-doubt and insecurity.  And then we wonder why we can’t get customers, why no one comes back, why our titles and modalities don’t impress people.

Do you think a lichen sits there and says, “Love me! I’m a lichen! I’m the best lichen! Please love me!” No. A lichen establishes its place and covers a rock, turns an indescribable color, spreads a soft cushion over the earth, releases incomparable freshness into the air, provides nourishment for the creatures nearby, and invites wonder. It does its thing. It’s tiny, but irreplaceable.

Sit still. Stop flailing. Take a whole day and see if you can just be yourself without striving for anything, without needing to be filled, validated, approved of, liked or understood. Then tell me: Who’s beating you up? Who’s not approving of you? Who won’t accept you and your gifts? Where is all this insecurity coming from? And most importantly –

Why are you feeding it?

There are such bigger, more urgent things to heal than our insecurities. Believe me, I’m qualified to say this, because I’ve spent an inordinate proportion of my life feeding the belief that I don’t measure up. (Unless I live to 120.)

More than anything, I want to help you get into serving powerfully and get out of needing validation from outside yourself.

We need your gifts now.

And your niche is the place where you give your gifts the most powerful, effective and natural way, where you stop flailing and just be, and where you really understand your place in the bigger scheme.

And that’s how, in a holistic business, from an energetic perspective niche becomes, not a place, but a process, the channel through which your gifts are transmitted to the people who need them the most. In service, not through manipulation. With grace and groundedness, fully aware of the scale and scope, which, while seemingly tiny, is exactly, exactly right.

And isn’t that what you’ve been yearning for this whole time?

To get there, to understand your place, your niche, requires you to think in terms of whom you are serving and how you are helping them. Most importantly, to operate from your niche and be of powerful service, you get to bring your whole self, not just your titles, credentials and training. You get to bring your personal healing journey, because that’s what’s made you who you are as a healer.

Look around at your community. What is needed? Whom does your heart go out to, because you’ve been there? If you’ve been there and if you’ve gotten to a better place, maybe an okay place – not perfect, but okay – can’t you serve in some way?

Do you see how taking the focus off what you do and placing it on whom you serve out of your own healing and expertise as a person, changes everything? Opens up new possibilities?

It means you get to be creative, unique and, well, YOU.

And haven’t you been yearning for that, too?

Wherever you are in your business and your life, how is the best way to Love Yourself Forward today?

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