Why a Guided Mastermind?

Call it a creative incubator, a brainstorming group, or a spiritual retreat for your business, a facilitated mastermind group is the topic of today’s video post.

I sat down to talk a little bit about the Mastermind groups I’m offering, so you can know whether now is the time to make a commitment like this to your business and if I’m the right match for you.

I cover the benefits of having a dedicated support group for your business, why facilitated is better than self-run, and what you get when you sign up with me, as well as a preview of some of what will be covered in the group.

I could talk about this all day:

0 thoughts on “Why a Guided Mastermind?

    1. You’re a fast listener, Ms. Hartford! Sidney, at the Pond, which is on the Pond Road, and it will start when we have 3 more people. There are 3 including you now. What’s your business or project?

      1. Not a business, but a project, for now………….writing. (If I call it a business, I’m afraid I’ll stop writing, and I’ve only just begun!) Once again, Ms. Capanna, your timing is uncanny. Have you established days and times?

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