Why does niche matter?

Niche: That place where you belong and flourish, where you can put down roots and grow. Where people know where to find you. Home.

Not only is niche the place where you and your service belong, but it’s the focal point that creates a channel for your work with your clients, allowing them to find you and you to find them. So, who does your heart go out to? Who do you love to work with? Learning this essential piece about your business brings you face to face with that special person. Haven’t you been longing to meet them?

Because without that essential nugget of how you help your specific customer with a specific problem, you can’t fully bring all of your gifts to your work! And don’t you long to bring all of you? And don’t you deeply desire to be clear on what those gifts are?

And here you thought you were offering a service, selling a product, or doing a technique. Nope. And the sooner you can wrap your head around solving problems for your people, the sooner you can start building a stronger business.

Interestingly, the word “niche” also means, “a habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organism or species.” This means that discovering your spiritually-based business’ niche is discovering the perfect place for it to take root and grow.

Ready to bring your spiritually-based work down to Earth, and find its perfect growing place right here in this world, with the people whom you can help the most?

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