Intensely Creative, Cocoon-ish, Productive Time

What started out as a decision to take time in the New Year to seriously buckle down and create my next book has turned into a bit of a nail-biter, as work has kind of dried up for the past few weeks. I choose to take that as a thumbs up from the Universe, saying, go for it, girl! So I am.

I’m busily working on my next project. All I can say about that is that I’m  showing up at the page, following the prompts, allowing the process to unfold and the work to reveal itself, and surrendering daily. I’m pretty excited to be writing every day in my room with the door closed. (Also doing my 7 minute work-out every day, but that’s more about surviving a New England winter.)

At about week number two I realized I’d better schedule in some seriously soul-filling recreational breaks as well. So this past weekend, my partner, her mother and I drove the hour-ish drive to Brunswick in a snowstorm to hear the Vox Nova choir, then drove back the next day to drum with some buddies. The concert was ethereal and sublime. The drumming was a very nice way to connect with some of my favorite people, and we even made a date to get together again and do some art work. This has the potential to become the spiritual artist support group I have said I want to manifest for myself this year. Letting myself take a break was ultra-lavish self care, and it worked wonders.

The Soul Message companion book essays are finished. I designed the book on Createspace, where I published my first book, ordered a proof, and didn’t like the way it looked. So it’s back to the drawing board with the design of the book’s interior. I am creating the graphics for the cards myself. They will be printed in full color in the book, which will be nice for folks who don’t buy the deck, or who want to see the card while they read the essay. I’m working on issuing the cards in a new larger size, more like playing cards. Deck and book, coming soon! Yay!


Newly Designed Soul Message Card. Obviously, my spirituality wouldn't be for everyone.
Newly Designed Soul Message Card.
Obviously, my spirituality wouldn’t be for everyone.


So, the (other) new book. It’s about spirituality. It seems to be bringing together all the strands of my training, my work life, my passions. I find myself feeling that I am seeing myself for the first time. It’s hard to do this experience justice, but essentially, I have always felt that there were parts of me that didn’t have many intersections. Now, in perhaps only the way a North Node in the First House person can, I feel I am looking straight at myself and seeing this person whose life experience and professional training and heart’s desires all make sense together. Wow.

But just in case I’m fooling myself and am writing absolute worthless, self indulgent crap that will ultimately contribute nothing to the world, I am telling myself that the only thing I have to do right now is delight myself and finish the book. This is how I got past the inner critic after I completed my very first rough draft and plunged into a pit of self-loathing at the utter awkwardness of it all.

So far this two-pronged tactic is working. I made a promise to finish it, and I made a promise to delight myself. And so far, I am enjoying writing and enjoying what I am writing.

How about you? Do you delight yourself when you write, create, produce, work, post to your blog? Is that a good guiding principle, or is it self indulgent crap?

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