It is now safe to relax and enjoy yourself!


Wow, this one pulled a whammy on me!

I’m posting this today, a beautiful Sunday in July, for those of you who are fun-challenged. Fun impairment is especially obvious during the summer months when the whole world seems to be out there soaking up the warm weather. If you’re like me, and you look at expert enjoyers with a touch of envy and more than a touch of overwhelm at how badly you suck at having fun, this one’s for you!

It’s okay to let go of vigilance! Nothing bad is going to happen when you go out and play. You don’t have to stay around home taking care of things that your dysfunctional parent should be taking care of. If you’re a grown up, this is your ticket out of becoming the dysfunctional parent (whether you have children or not!)

This Message means that it’s time you allowed yourself enjoyment, that it’s time to connect with relaxation and fun, to put yourself in a reclining position, and pay attention to the leaping in your heart that wants to go swimming, digging in the garden, or walking to the yard sale. It means allowing yourself to do nothing but sip an iced tea. It means, yes, go to a movie that no one else wants to see, and enjoy sitting in a cold movie theatre, eating all the popcorn yourself.

This Message is a call to allow yourself to be vulnerable! It truly is a form of vulnerability to relax and enjoy yourself – despite feeling awkward, overweight, out-skilled, or out of place. The Universe wants you to know that not only are you safe, whether you choose to relax into the moment or stand guard against it, but that this moment belongs to you, and you belong here, in life.

It is now safe to relax and enjoy yourself! How far are you from that? When I drew the card, my mouth was a straight line, my gut was bunched up, and I was crabby. What I was, was scared. I have a gig coming up, and I’m learning a bunch of new songs, other people’s songs, and I’m way out of my comfort zone.

I can’t relax, I’m about to fall flat on my face!” some part of me was yelling. But once I really felt the fear, and the associated other feelings, I saw how unhelpful it is to be tense and refuse to have fun until it’s safe to. My attitude was going to ensure lack of enjoyment: serious, serious un-fun!

It took a bit for me to get there, but this Message definitely showed me where I wanted to be.

Can you ease a little? If just for thirty minutes? Then you can go back to being on guard if you want.

You may find yourself in an awkward in-between place for a while, as the Universe presents you with more opportunities to choose “relax and enjoy.” See if you can choose it two more times. Choosing to relax and enjoy yourself might look like going off by yourself for a while, taking the phone off the hook, unplugging from the internet, or letting someone else clean, fix, or solve the latest mess.

Take a deep breath. You are safe. You belong. You deserve to be here, and you deserve to enjoy this one and only moment. You already know how to enjoy. You just have to allow it.


0 thoughts on “It is now safe to relax and enjoy yourself!

  1. Nice! Yes, just yesterday, I decided the heat-funk-haze was really getting to thick (the one that closes down on possibilities). In the evening, spent an enjoyable couple of hours with Johnny on the back porch, playing dominoes by candlelight.

    As you know, I’m not the most public of personas — but I’d be happy to submit the above, without Johnny’s name, on the comment section of your blog — if you wish. Just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying what you write. And often resonating. Bzzzzz!

    Love, Mary Jo

  2. Johnny who? 😉
    Actually, locating and extracting a deceased mouse from the Camp Molly range today was totally relaxing and enjoyable… no way would I let someone else have all that fun for me.

  3. How true it is that we often become trapped in our minds, not allowing ourselves the pleasures we enjoy especially when the weather is so nice. Why do we do this? Crazy. By the way, LOVE the heart-rock at the base of the wooden chair! Nice touch 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing how you felt about performing “someone else’s” music. Had that experience last month too. Faced the fear of failure to perform perfectly and almost had fun playing music. Perceptions changed AFTER I finished, not during, tho’. Good reminders.

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