How To Save Time, Give Value and Be Happy With This Easy Blog Format

Holistic practitioners, healers, coaches and entrepreneurs who need to write blog posts, don’t follow advice meant for bloggers unless you want to do a lot more work than necessary!

Remember Biology 101 and single-celled organisms? Remember thinking, “How do they survive with just one cell?” Yet, they do. They have everything they need to get energy, perform their cellular functions, expel waste and reproduce.

The same can be true for blog posts. I know it’s hard to believe. I’ve listened as dozens of busy entrepreneurs bemoan the necessity of blogging. They talk about it as if it’s some arcane process that requires hours of doing what they hate the most: staring at a blank page.

If you’re like me, you don’t have hours, and you aren’t all that keen on learning a new skill on a Sunday afternoon after a week of keeping a business running while solving other people’s problems.

“I’ve got to put something on my website,” you say. “It’s embarrassing!” Yes, it is a shame to be one of those people who has a lot to offer the right clients and not one word of your brilliance reflected on that empty section called, “Blog.”

Let me start by saying, you’re not blogging. That said, you gotta put something there. What you want there are helpful, pertinent, smart short essays that show potential clients who you are and how you can help them. And perhaps most importantly, you want these potential clients to be moved to reach out to you from the short, smart, useful essay they just read.

Take heart! It can be simple. I guarantee you are over-complicating it.

Takeaway: Not only is there a simple blog post format you can learn, but your can use the same format every time you write.

I recommend including 6 major parts to each blog post. They can be longer or shorter, depending on your topic, but your posts will contain everything your reader needs and give you the best shot at moving your business ahead with connection, value and engagement.

Why Simple is Crucial to Connecting With Your Readers

  1. When you use the same format consistently, your readers know what’s coming next, which makes it easy for them to navigate your ideas. Ease plus value builds trust.

2. Simple is what your clients crave. They are inundated with information and overblown copy. Make yours stand out by being accessible and genuine. Let the value be in the ideas, not the verbiage.

3. When you limit yourself to writing that address your client’s needs, everything you publish is directly applicable to most of your readers.

Here’s the Format to Use

  1. Take a problem/need/desire/situation your ideal client faces that moves them to seek your help or expertise. Create a topic from that. See last week’s post for examples of this.

2. Create an emotional connection by including a story that illustrates the impact or importance of this problem to your client. You can use a famous story, a client story, a personal story or a made up composite story.

3. Give at most 3 tips/tricks/techniques/caveats/reframes that your client can use that provide immediate if tiny shift.

4. Highlight a takeaway message. (Your reader can skip to this and still get benefit from your post.)

5. Inspire your reader to take 1 action that will make a difference.

6. Include a call to action, the next step for your reader to take to stay connected with you. Sign up for a newsletter, download a free guide, make a comment, connect with social media, enroll in a class, make an appointment.

What if…

What if someone had written your introductory paragraphs, tips, tricks, caveats and reframes, and had worded the 6 blog post parts in 10 different ways, so you could mix and match, fill in the blanks and have your posts easily written in less than half the time it takes you now?

Yep, you guessed it, I have! And I’m excited to share them with you, as soon as they’re ready. If you’d like to be among the first to have access to my Ridiculously Simple Blog Post Templates, please join my tribe. You’ll receive my Ridiculously Simple Tips newsletter, as well as info courses, masterclasses and everything else I create to help you connect with your people more easily. By following this link, you’ll receive my Ridiculously Simple Guide to Writing for Your People when you sign up!

Now go do some self care!


[a 40 minute blog post.]

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