Learning From the Universe

When I was doing intuitive readings at the Mind Body Spirit Festival last Saturday in Fairfield, I had an interesting experience with the Soul Message cards. First, someone would approach my table. I would invite them to take a Soul Message card. The ones that people took doubled as my business cards. “Keep it!” I’d say.

The person might ask for a reading. When I do readings, I use my other cards, the Lenormand oracle deck. But inevitably and consistently, the Soul Message card that the person had drawn earlier was also relevant to their reading. I would say something to the person based on my reading and they would say, “That’s like the other, little card I just picked up.” They would fish it out of their pocket, and voila! Relevant. Eventually, I learned to say either, “Have you picked a Soul Message card yet?” or “So, what card did you pick?” The Soul Message really helped to focus the readings in a way I hadn’t expected.

A creative person seeking life direction: “Trust your brilliance.” Someone trying to decide whether to leave behind a high stress job with good benefits: “There are enough time, money, resources and love for you.” A mother struggling with health issues: “You do enough. Fall into the arms of the Universe and allow yourself to be carried.”

I was secretly a little spooked by this, but I didn’t let on. Eventually, I just sat back and marveled. Not that I had inadvertently created a prescient little deck of cards, but that the Universe itself is so orderly and wise and …supportive. Of everyone. I felt super-buoyed by the ease of the readings, something I just stepped into because, well, it felt right, and it felt time. (And because I couldn’t stand to hear myself whining anymore about how I wanted to do readings!)

So, yes, the Soul Messages are a deck of little, happy, encouraging messages. But they also have a way of getting at something deeper as a focus for your growth and healing, especially if you read the accompanying essay in the book. (Hint.)

Truthfully, though, you could use any deck of cards, or cloud formations, stones and sticks, or any of the many ways of divination, as long as it “speaks” to you. All that divination really is is learning to listen to the things that have already been whispering to you for a long, long time. Then ask questions, and let the Universe teach you.

That’s me at my table, end of the day at the Mind Body Spirit Fest on April 5, 2014


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