Welcome to the Random Oblique Inspiration Generator. Here’s what you do: Click the blue test below to access the random number generator. Enter the number 1 in the top box, and 259 in the bottom box. Then click on “Generate.” Close the window, and take that result and use that Random Oblique Inspiration Jogger in any way that you want to, including ignoring it completely but using what’s right below or above it, or something else that came flying into your head while you were doing all this.

Enjoy the process. Your creativity loves you.

(To download and print a pdf of this page, go here. You will need to pick a random number out of a hat, or just allow Something Else to pick for you.)

Random Number Generator

  1. Accept help. 
  2. Adopt a seasonal food that is local to you.
  3. Air
  4. Allow more time.
  5. Allow your face to smile.
  6. Always make sure you can reach everywhere.
  7. Ask for a healing dream.
  8. Ask for a miracle.
  9. Avoid entertainment shopping 
  10. Backwards
  11. Be yourself
  12. Brush someone else’s hair
  13. Brush your hair
  14. Buy hand knit socks
  15. Borrow
  16. Be bold
  17. Be harsh
  18. Be someone else
  19. Be messy
  20. Carry special stones in your pocket
  21. Change one thing
  22. Change your routine
  23. Clean out a drawer
  24. Clumsy
  25. Count how many times a certain word is spoken
  26. Create a belly laugh library
  27. Create a fancy signature
  28. Create a pen name
  29. Create a savings account for a favorite hobby
  30. Create a vision for your life
  31. Create your own superhero with superpowers
  32. Collage
  33. Collect
  34. Color
  35. Create a ritual
  36. Crooked
  37. Cry
  38. De-clutter
  39. Do less
  40. Do one thing at a time
  41. Don’t wait till you’re dying to tell people you love them
  42. Don’t wait till you’re sick to take a sick day
  43. Donate
  44. Drink a tall glass of water
  45. Dance
  46. Do anything twice
  47. Don’t look
  48. Daily
  49. Don’t keep it
  50. Don’t stop until the involuntary smile
  51. Earth
  52. Edges
  53. Experiment
  54. Explore your prejudices
  55. Enjoy your quirks
  56. Express your appreciation
  57. Elevate your passions
  58. Embrace community
  59. Eavesdrop
  60. Find out if you are self-centered
  61. Find out where your stuff comes from
  62. Find wild mint
  63. Fire
  64. Forage for wild berries
  65. Float in water
  66. Frolic
  67. From the center
  68. Found object
  69. Forgiveness
  70. Get a library card
  71. Get a massage
  72. Get a pedicure
  73. Get out of debt
  74. Give a no-occasion gift
  75. Give your kids their inheritance now
  76. Give your money away
  77. Give yourself a hand massage
  78. Go canoeing
  79. Go on a color walk
  80. Go out and look at the moon
  81. Go out and look at the sky
  82. Go see a movie by yourself
  83. Go to bed early
  84. Greet every kind of weather with love
  85. Go off script
  86. Give fear a voice
  87. Go outside
  88. Go sparse
  89. Go with the first thought
  90. Hold hands
  91. Hum
  92. Honor a promise
  93. Hand Make something you usually buy ready-made
  94. Hot sex
  95. Hide
  96. Identify the weeds
  97. Imbue it with magic
  98. Inside out
  99. Invent a planet
  100. Invite a co-conspirator
  101. Idly meander
  102. Join a gym
  103. Juggle
  104. Jiggle
  105. Juice an orange
  106. Keep a journal
  107. Kite a check for $1,000,000 made out to yourself
  108. Kitchen duty vacation
  109. Learn a new word
  110. Learn a new skill
  111. Learn about money
  112. Learn about your grandmother’s or grandfather’s life
  113. Learn bird calls
  114. Learn cursive writing
  115. Learn how to say thank you in another language
  116. Learn to make something you usually buy
  117. Learn what your bullshit excuses are
  118. Light candles
  119. Listen to music lying on your back
  120. Listen
  121. Make a daily schedule
  122. Make a god-box
  123. Make a gratitude list
  124. Make a handmade book
  125. Make up a song
  126. Make up a new word
  127. Make your own lottery ticket for whatever prize you want
  128. Meet someone who grows your food
  129. Metal
  130. Money is never the reason why or why not
  131. Mottled
  132. Mend something
  133. Make magic with what’s at hand
  134. Monotonous
  135. Notice coincidences
  136. Nap 
  137. Navigate through touch
  138. Notice differences
  139. Noodle on a musical instrument
  140. Narrow it down to one thing
  141. Open your heart
  142. Obey a calling
  143. Officially end something
  144. Order some chaos
  145. Order fast food and invite the delivery person in to join you
  146. Observe hands
  147. Orient yourself to the 4 directions everywhere you go
  148. Organize something
  149. Override objections
  150. Overdo it
  151. Patron Saint/Guardian Angel
  152. Plan a quiet day of reflection
  153. Plan an activity for when you can’t sleep
  154. Plan to have insomnia
  155. Play a musical instrument
  156. Play with a kitten or a puppy
  157. Pray for someone you don’t like
  158. Pretend you have arrived
  159. Purr like a kitten
  160. Purposely leave something unfinished
  161. Question reality
  162. Quell self doubt
  163. Query the Universe
  164. Quarrel with someone you idolize
  165. Release something that’s weighing you down
  166. Remember a 10-Item grocery list
  167. Research your funny bone
  168. Resist fads
  169. Ride a bike
  170. Relish indecision
  171. Revel in laziness
  172. Re-stock your refrigerator
  173. Rehearse your acceptance speech
  174. Repeat a mistake
  175. Rough
  176. Say I love you in the mirror
  177. Say thank you to everyone you meet
  178. Secret
  179. Self portrait
  180. Send a card
  181. Send a love note to yourself
  182. Shape
  183. Show up
  184. Sign up for a yoga class series
  185. Sing your soul song
  186. Sit under a tree
  187. Size
  188. Sleep in
  189. Soak in a hot tub
  190. Stay sensitive
  191. Still
  192. Stretch
  193. Sew a patch
  194. Surprise ending
  195. Set aside a time and a place
  196. Say yes
  197. Start where you are
  198. Shout
  199. Smooth
  200. Take a class
  201. Take a color bath
  202. Take a dance class
  203. Take a media vacation
  204. Take a nap
  205. Take a walk with a camera
  206. Take an air bath
  207. Take responsibility for your whole life
  208. Take ten deep breaths
  209. Take yourself out to dinner
  210. Talisman
  211. Teach someone their letters
  212. Tell your body you love it
  213. Tell the truth
  214. Tell a lie
  215. Texture
  216. Thank your guardian angel
  217. Throw yourself a party
  218. Transparent
  219. Unplug
  220. Upside down
  221. Use the other hand
  222. Ugly is beautiful
  223. Unusual way to work
  224. Unfold your laundry and jump in it
  225. Verge on poetic
  226. Voice your preferences
  227. Value your process
  228. Make it vertical
  229. Stretch your vertebrae
  230. Walk without a destination
  231. Warble tunelessly
  232. Water
  233. What do you believe in?
  234. What if?
  235. Wind
  236. Write a letter
  237. Write a love letter 
  238. Write a prayer
  239. Write down your dreams
  240. Write  a poem
  241. Write your life story
  242. Write your worries down on paper
  243. Wiggle your whole body
  244. Warm someone’s hands
  245. Wish on a star you see in a puddle
  246. X-change places with someone
  247. X-amine your prejudices
  248. X-ray your motives
  249. Xylophones are fun
  250. Yield to an impulse
  251. Yearn openly
  252. Yes it is real
  253. Yellow can be anything
  254. Yell at God
  255. Zebra Changes Stripes, Leaves Africa
  256. Zip-Up: Make yourself immune to other people’s opinions
  257. Zoom in and see the tiny worlds within
  258. Zeal- Discover your enthusiasm
  259. Zest a lime for your water