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It wasn’t until Sunday, a really stellar day, that I realized, hanging out with my friends, that it might be a good idea to share some of the people, creations, ideas and tools that are helping me navigate this most amazing now. The Universe is such a huge place. Let’s share our favorite resources, spread the wealth, and help us all birth this amazing now.

On my stellar Sunday, I drove an hour each way to a drumming class. During the drive I listened to my favorite astrologer, and the rest of the time I struggled to keep up with complex drumming patterns, learned by ear while keeping time with my feet, speaking the rhythms and clapping the back beat with my hands.

Let me show you why:

Does that not look like fun? Imagine what it was liking learning it. Kind of feels like how we all felt the day after election day. All the same parts of our bodies were there, but nothing seemed to work like it used to. And then, they did.

Winning the Game: Why I’m optimistic

I’ve never been a doomsayer. I’m allergic to victimhood, and I’m an optimist. This makes me kind of irritating to be around. But, trust me, it’s a good place for me to be: no one who knows me is clamoring for a repeat performance of any of the times I’ve sunk into hopelessness, least of all me. I don’t do resignation well, either.

I’m also not blind. I see my share of darkness. I’m intimate with death. I hear the scuffing of the Shadow’s ill-fitting boots, dancing next to me at the craziest of times. Weddings, births, washing the dishes.

But, I’m optimistic. I see the possibility for greatness emerging right now in our public lives. Many of us thought maybe we’d just wait out the next few years, hoping to slide under the radar of the inevitable. But when the time came, as if by instinct we rose up out of our stupors, poured into the streets, and raised our voices (and wore our pussies on our sleeves heads, I might add.)


 “…So listen: If you’re watching all this shit go down and you’re scared, I’m here to suggest you actually don’t need to be that scared. Rather, be alert, awake and loving and friendly, and get with your brothers and sisters in person and talk about this stuff. Talk about what you want to do in life. We don’t have to invest all our energy into the political realm. A lot of the problem is people have given up on everything, because everything seems so helpless and so hopeless. And this is a kind of disease in itself, and it is a form of narcissism to be Eeyore. To be so miserable is a form of toxic self obsession. And when you start to see the possibilities and feel the potential and look around at your brothers and your sisters and you see their potential and you want to help them be who they are, and you’re willing to receive the love and support and friendship that they’re offering you – Ah! That’s when we are winning the game….” Eric Francis Coppolino Planet Waves FM

Willing to receive

These are funny times to be talking about receiving. We may want to do things like reject, run away, condemn and tear our hair out. Anything but receive that which is being handed us by the Universe. The problem with rejecting and running away from the terrible is that we then also cut ourselves off from receiving the wonderful. You may think you can pick and choose, but eventually the fragile house of curated happy will fall down.

Instead, use what life is handing you. Recovery has taught me that if you don’t like what is happening, you can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. When you open to being part of the solution, that is, taking responsibility for your little corner of the cosmos, you also open to having access to the tools you have been given.

Being part of the solution doesn’t always mean working hard, doing without, missing out and being-nose-the-grindstone-responsible. Sometimes it means apply the creative genius that you are and loving the heck out of the moment, dogged, committedly, as if your soul depended on it.

I’m lucky and fortunate and blessed. I started asking the Universe for help with my income. A friend who does Spirit Camps with children wanted an affirmation song for them to dance to while doing their EFT tapping. 

I wrote one. I’ll post the link when I have a decent mix. Here are the words:

I am love, I am light
I am calm, joyful and caring
And I know deep within
I am wise, wise, wise.

As I dance and I sing
I am strong, happy and daring
And the light deep inside
Can rise, rise, rise.

It was as if I were reaching back in time and giving my inner shy person a marching song to become strong, happy and daring – now.

Another friend is writing a book about why people vote against their own best interests and asked me to help him edit it. It’s spurred me to connect with people in whole new ways, because, apparently, our survival depends on it. I actually need to connect with the weirdos who voted differently: we seem to have two entirely different world views.

Ah. This tickled a memory, so I went searching through the archives of another resource, the Hathors.

The Hathors

Channeled material. I can’t explain. How I deal with stuff like this (and astrology, for that matter), is I just let it land, and if it rings anything, resonates anything, I let it. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I don’t care about the literal truth when it comes to matters of spirit, because, I guess, I don’t believe in literal truth. I believe  it may all be a metaphor, all a story the Divine is telling us, in a zillion different ways, so that we may wake up to the truth we need to know.

I love the Hathor missives. They come periodically, randomly, always at the right moment. A knock at the door. It’s the Hathors. Sit down. Listen. Feel it settle in. Right.

“…many of you are time-stressed. You have too much to do in too little time because you are trying to hold the old world together as time accelerates. All we can say to you from our perspective is that holding the old world together is “mission impossible.” Letting go of the old world, and your attachment to how you think you need to be, is part of what is required to take the higher path.” –The Hathors, October 14, 2014 

Tom Kenyon, who channels the Hathors, offers lots of free sound meditations on his site and is super-human in his vocal capabilities. I suggest you check them out.

The thinking that got us here

“There is a growing sense among many that something is terribly wrong, and along with this is the feeling that there is no solution. In this instance we agree with something Albert Einstein once said, which is that the solution to a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem.” – The Hathors, October 14, 2014

How you find solutions outside the level of the problem is simply by asking fabulous questions. Why questions? They shake you out of the mindset of the problem and into the solution. Questions open up possibility.

What are the infinite possibilities you can open just by asking questions? Wherever you are stuck in the problem is where you can ask good questions instead. If you’re all about the problem and have a self-defeating point of view around it, trying asking, “What’s right about this that I’m not seeing?” Another is, “Who am I making right by having such a hard time with…?” Or simply, “Who does this belong to?”

The best questions leave you with nothing but space, not answers. They give your consciousness an opening to get through to your thinking brain and derail the regular thoughts.

The point is, what possibilities for humanity are we not seeing because of the points of view we are so attached to? (Especially if we’re freaking out?)

Choose Your Reality

While a point of view tends to be unconscious, a choice is a choice. I’m optimistic. But I’m strategically optimistic; I choose to be. You’ve inherited a world view. Question it. And take the time to develop your own. Because your world view determines what kind of a world you live in NOW.

I have every reason to believe that those who believe in hell create their own right here on earth, while alive, and those who believe in goodness create that. I prefer goodness, and I have just as much reason to believe in that as I do hell. So I choose goodness.

“From our perspective, the escalation of Chaotic Nodes is creating tidal waves of intense chaotic energies that many of you are finding difficult to contend with. Furthermore, your automatic reflexive ways of dealing with change are increasingly ineffective. There is a fork in the road, so to speak, that you have entered both individually and collectively.… At this fork in the road, one path leads to self-destruction, madness, despair and hopelessness while the other fork leads to a deeper connection with your interdimensional or spiritual nature.” – the Hathors, October 14, 2014

The Time Is Now

Now is the time to create the life you believe in. Use your voice, use your hands, use your heart to create the life you know is inside you. Now is the time.

“….Why all the spiritual preparation? Why all these workshops at Omega? Why is the self-help sector worth, like, 10 billion dollars?  What!? Okay, you’ve self-ed yourself. You’ve grown, you’ve learned, you’ve become. You’re a better person. You’ve read every book by Deepak Chopra three times and memorized the Celestine Prophecy. Awesome – Now’s the time!” – Eric Francis Coppolino, Planet Waves FM

Express Yourself Boldly

I’m using the tools I’ve been given. I’m using them to break self-imposed barriers and to express my truth. That means I am experiencing deeper satisfaction and feeling empowered by my own acts of creation. I can’t tell you what that would be for you. But I suggest you get yourself in a position to find out. The way to do that is to get quiet enough that you can actually hear the inner prompts and urgings of your soul, nudging you in one direction or another. At the very least, encourage your own curiosity, open your mind, and have the courage to try new things and fail at them. Give yourself permission to know that you do know.

We all have a voice. It’s time to use yours.

Don’t Forget Joy

“Another way to create more coherency is to introduce more joy into your life, which is indeed paradoxical for many of you. Very few cultures underwrite the necessity for joy as a value. Sacrifice, martyrdom and self-forgetting are what seem to be valued most in many societies, but from our perspective these are the greatest errors, at least from the perspective of spiritual evolution….. Our suggestion is to cleave away from your life the thought forms of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. Find more ways to discover joy even in the smallest things. It does not matter how small they are.” – the Hathors, February 7, 2016 

My guidelines about joy are these: It’s simpler than you think. It may be quieter than you think. You DO know how. And thinking doesn’t get you there. So whatever takes you out of thinking, is simple because it’s already you, and may very well be the thing you’ve been pushing away, denying and arguing about for, like, your whole life, whatever that is – Give it to yourself.

To Recap

  • Get with your people
  • Be willing to receive
  • Ask great questions
  • Choose your reality
  • The time is now
  • Express yourself boldy
  • Remember joy

What if, together, we were enough for these times?



Until next time,


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