New Site, New Biz, New Season. Welcome!

Hola friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and shazaam! It’s the Autumn Equinox. Last night packing to go away for the weekend, I kept hearing these crazy noises coming from outside the windows of the screen porch where my partner and I sleep, out at Camp. I finally called out, “What’s going on out there?”

The answer: Acorns. Acorns falling. On trash cans, on the compost bin, on tree stumps and lawn chairs. Our hot Autumn night was being drilled with acorns.

Isn’t it amazing how everything knows it’s Autumn, even though in our heads we’re still hoping to catch another day that calls for cold watermelon or a mad dash for the lake, a truly hot and endless afternoon? The timing of the natural cycles doesn’t let up, no matter the temperature, no matter what crazy ideas those humans are broadcasting into the ethers.

It made me feel I ought to be like a squirrel and start collecting nourishment and stowing it somewhere for winter. It’s easy to get caught up in anxiety this time of year. People are having pre-TSD about w-i-n-t-e-r, and don’t know whether to worry more about getting walloped with snow or having another warm and dry one. People don’t know what to worry about!

And, really, it’s a beautiful mish-mash of summer and autumn. There are a few yellow leaves and acorns dropping, late summer fruits are still rolling out, tomatoes and pesto are showing up, and our mouths are starting to water for apples and cider and, yes, even Thanksgiving. (Remind me to tell you about my idea for an even distribution of holidays, someday, won’t you?)

During transitions you get elements of the old and elements of the new, and just like that place where the tide going out meets the tide coming in, it’s turbulent and confusing, but exciting and stirring, and calls for attention and mindfulness.

I’ve been creating huge transition here on the blog and website, where just last month it was called The Joy Report, and I was posting every Wednesday come heat or high tides. Now the site bears the name of my new coaching biz, Love Yourself Forward®, although the blog will still be called The Joy Report, because the spirit of joy still rules around here.

Like a lot of new ventures, this stands on the shoulders of many other times that have in mysterious and unfathomable ways contributed to what is happening now. There are moments that feel like “everything has lead up to this.” And moments that feel like, “This very natural thing that’s happening has always been.” Only now it’s visible.

Just like autumn. It’s been there all along.

A lot of yesses and nos have lead up to today. A lot of balancing, and a lot of falling. A lot of trying and failing, a lot of searching, and a lot of stops along the way that looked like destinations.

And of course this is one of those destinations that will become a stop along the way.  Just like hurricane season morphed into acorn season, which will give way to bare tree season, all in due time. All in some timing that I’m not privy to, but can count on, so truly that I’m sure that none of this is an accident.

Whatever your transitions, take some time to enjoy the swirls of old and new dancing, and listen for the music. This moment will never be again. And yes, it’s been here all along.

Photo credit: Euclid vanderKroew via / CC BY-NC-SA



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