On Secrets, Vulnerability, and Untidy things

Hola lovelies,

You know how sometimes you find yourself doing things that seem to be vestiges of a prior set of priorities or a life you had but has now passed – except for this one thing? Maybe it’s a friendship you keep up that’s damned unlikely and doesn’t fit your narrative, or a habit you’ve clung to, or, in my case a couple hours a week of a job that I keep saying I’m done with!

Today’s blog post is a quick video I made on the way to said job yesterday. For some reason driving just gets my jaw and creative ideas going. I’m loving considering questions that open my consciousness and perplex my logical mind as part of my creativity breakthrough month. Today I found myself considering the question of how this apparent vestige feeds me, and ultimately, why it’s creatively sound to have stuff that just doesn’t make sense.

What if, in being creative, we tapped into the great mysteries that are incomprehensible to our conscious, egoic sense of logic and rightness? What if creativity tapped into the perverse? Into secrets and hidden things and brought them to light and just left them there without having to make everyone comfortable about them? What if it’s supposed to be uncomfortable?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments: What parts of your life are mysteriously hanging on, and how might that be perfect?

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2 thoughts on “On Secrets, Vulnerability, and Untidy things

  1. You blog never fails to challenge me when I can get to it. There is a lot to be said for those parts that keep hangin’ on. They give a sense of continuity, i.e where I’ve been- the wonderful, the good, the bad and the awful. They both remind me of what I’ve achieved and the lessons I need to remember in order not to repeat what I’ve done before. Indeed, the challenge is to look at the situation I’ve faced before and say how can I do this differently? What piece, what one step can I change instead of a historic changing of the course of civilization. Particularly challenging is the story of the loaves and fishes from the New Testament where Jesus says “Gather all the fragments; let nothing be lost.” Gathering all the fragments revealed something quite new about ourselves when they were “put back together.” The part about, “let nothing be lost.” still eludes me. I verve wildly between the law of conservation that says that matter and energy cannot be destroyed to all is good and therefore should not be destroyed or there are no throwaways. Then there are the times when I see what I’ve hung on to in an entirely new light. I love your question, “What am I going to create today?” I take it, for me, one step further and invite the universe (or more likely God through the universe) to cocreate. Thus what are we going to cocreate? I’m willing to be surprised. You probably can tell I need all the help I can get when it comes to creating!

    1. Tom, likewise, your thoughtful replies to my posts never fail to help me see my own musings in a different light. I find comfort in knowing that no matter what we do, nothing is truly lost, destroyed or created. At least when it comes to commenting on my blog posts, I think you’ve got the creativity thing down!

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