Do you need a simple, repeatable system for creating blog posts, articles, about-me pages, and even newsletters that consistently connect, provide great value and promote engagement?

Your writing can attract wonderful clients, communicate your passion for what you do, and help establish you as a leader in your field. Once you learn this system, you could even create ALL of your posts fornext year before this year is over, even if you don’t know how to write!

How? By learning my simple system and using the templates and trackers I’ve created, you never have to agonize over, “What should I write about?” again.

A Simple System

This system answers all of the time-consuming questions, the main reason you avoid writing blog posts: What to write about, how often to post, how long should they be, what about the people on my email list? What do I do with them? After completing this course, you will be writing 30-minute blog posts, like I did just yesterday!

With The Ridiculously Simple Blogging Course you will be able you to:

  1. Have a ready set of topics, titles/headlines, tips, takeaways, and action steps to plug in and create a post or article from, organized in a document you can refer to and refine perpetually. No more casting about for topics.
  2. Be able to write a blog post in 30 minutes, from picking your topic to hitting publish on your blog. No more allotting a whole afternoon to writing a post.
  3. Have a set of templates that create the wording for you. No more staring at the blank screen or page.
  4. Confidently share your expertise, provide value, connect with your ideal clients, and make it easy for them to engage, opt-in and work with you. No more wondering if you’re writing the right thing for your ideal clients.
  5. Readily identify your ideal clients’ biggest concerns and develop better ways to serve them.
  6. Have a better understanding of the value you provide to your ideal clients.

The Course Outline

Introduction and Overview

Lesson One: Topics

Lesson Two: The Basic Format

Lesson Three: The Ridiculously Simple System In Action

Lesson Four: The Art and Science of Crafting a Title

Lesson Five: Ridiculously Simple and Effective Email Newsletters – Bonus Lesson

The Printables 

You will receive the Topic Teaser Worksheet that you can use to easily generate topics enough for at least a year’s worth of posts by deeply knowing and understanding your ideal clients. The Client Avatar Worksheet will help you go deeper into understanding your ideal clients on a whole new level.

You will receive Blog Post Templates that give you a choice of 10 different mix and match wordings for each of the 6 major sections of an effective blog post. (For you math nerds, that’s 1 MILLION possible combinations!) You plug in your vocabulary for your audience and adapt the material as needed, but always have the template to keep you from wandering off track and to help you get the wording right.

The Blog Post Planner is a tear sheet you print out and keep close by where you map one post at a time. You literally assemble your post step by step from topic to takeaway using this form.

You will also receive the Blog Post Tracker where you keep a running list of your blog topics and track of what you’ve already written. You can plan future posts based on series you may want to do, events or offerings in your practice, or seasonally-based topics.

Also Included

Lifetime Access to the course

Membership in my Your Brilliance In Writing private Facebook group, where you can receive and give feedback, sharing learning experiences, and network with other holistic professionals.

Who It’s For

The Ridiculously Simple Getting Started With Blogging Course is for

  • holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs
  • healers
  • coaches
  • their assistants and virtual assistants

… who want to learn a simple system for creating, tracking, and publishing blog posts and other content that provides Connection, Value and Engagement with and for their ideal clients and customers.

When and Where

At your convenience, in your own home. You will need a computer with audio and video capability and a printer. You have lifetime access and the course is self-paced, but it is recommended that you set aside an hour a day for a week to really master the course.

The Price

Just $97.

Now through December 30, get the Ridiculously Simple Blogging Course for the ridiculously low price of $47!
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