Do you need a simple, repeatable system for creating blog posts, articles, about-me pages, and even newsletters that consistently connect, provide great value and promote engagement?

Your writing can attract wonderful clients, communicate your passion for what you do, and help establish you as a leader in your field. Once you learn this system, you could even create ALL of your posts fornext year before this year is over, even if you don’t know how to write!

How? By learning my simple system and using the templates and trackers I’ve created, you never have to agonize over, “What should I write about?” again.

A Simple System

This system answers all of the time-consuming questions, the main reason you avoid writing blog posts: What to write about, how often to post, how long should they be, what about the people on my email list? What do I do with them? After completing this course, you will be writing 30-minute blog posts, like I did just yesterday!

Created for Holistic Entrepreneurs

My system helps you build trust by including the key elements Connection, Value and Engagement in every post or article. It’s geared toward people like us whose brand is a mixture of authenticity, skill and caring. And that needs to come through in our writing.

Made-for-You Templates, Trackers and Worksheets

You will get completely customizable templates, worksheets and trackers that will give you the topics, tips, takeaways and next steps you will write about for your people. (Hint: You’ll even be able to use these as the basis for your own courses and workshops!)

“You Need To Start Blogging!”

If anyone’s ever said that to you–and you know it’s true–but you haven’t been able to get started and can’t seem to wrap your head around what it is and how to do it, this course is for you.

I know you wouldn’t be here if someone hadn’t told you you need to start blogging. But did they tell you how? How often? The most effective approach to writing these pieces and publishing them? Have you searched the web and found only vague or general guidelines which have to be adapted for what you do, because they’re geared toward bloggers?

One thing’s certain, you’re not a blogger. You’re not writing for clicks or traffic, with sensationalistic headlines promising unbelievable results. You are a holistic practitioner, healer, coach or entrepreneur who cares and wants to connect with and attract the right people–not everyone on the Internet–to your business. You want to make a difference with your writing.

And not knowing how drives you CRAZY. 

I know, because I’m one of you. So who am? I’m an occupational therapist who analyzes behavior, motivation and efficiency, a spiritual psychology geek who sees the hero in everyone, an INFJ with a keen eye for emotional states, a believer in good, and an inspirational author.

Obviously, I love to write. I’ve been blogging since a long time ago, and you know what?

All that writing doesn’t amount to much if it doesn’t connect with readers.

Oh sure, sometimes I succeeded in connecting, but the truth is, when I did, I didn’t know why. And when I didn’t, ditto.

All of which created the growing realization that writing is NOT the reason why people who need to blog can’t get started. The reason you can’t get a foothold and get into it is that no one’s presented you with a clear, doable system for creating effective posts –that doesn’t take hour and hours each time you write.

And as an entrepreneur, you’re accustomed to tackling and solving problems by creating things on the fly for what your business needs at that moment. Which is one reason it never occurs to you that writing might be different. No matter how hard you think about it, you can’t see to break through and get the aha that’s going to show you the right approach and get words on your website.

But try telling that to my best friend, a brilliant, holistic gynecology practitioner and energy healer, who’s witchy with hormones and neurotransmitters. She’s convinced she’s just lazy and unmotivated when someone mentions “blogging.” She’s convinced she can’t write.

And that’s where my Ridiculously Simple Writing System comes in. My brilliant friend–who has nothing on her website that reflects her skill, expertise and value to random visitors and potential referrers–is not the only one.

As I interviewed holistic, spiritual and integrative healers and practitioners of all types, I discovered that most of them have no idea where to begin with blogging, and worse yet, some have email lists they’ve amassed and never communicate with them, because they don’t know what to say.

As an Occupational Therapist, seeing people stopped before step one drives me CRAZY!

I realized no one had ever broken it down and created an easy, step-by-step how-to specifically geared toward people like us.

Not only do we have unique needs for our writing, we also need it to be simple and replicable, because we don’t have hours and hours to devote to learning something that isn’t our primary skillset.

Everybody in business today who has a web presence needs to have valuable content on their site that connects with the right people and encourages them to “opt in”–or, say yes– to learning more about us and what we do.

And that’s why I’m so pleased to offer you the opportunity to handle the blogging thing once and for all, so it’s not hanging over your head, so you feel light about it, so that you MASTER it once and for all and get it done.

With the Ridiculously Simple Getting Started With Blogging Course you will be able you to:

  1. Have a ready set of topics, titles/headlines, tips, takeaways, and action steps to plug in and create a post or article from, organized in a document you can refer to and refine perpetually. No more casting about for topics.
  2. Be able to write a blog post in 30 minutes, from picking your topic to hitting publish on your blog. No more allotting a whole afternoon to writing a post.
  3. Have a set of templates that create the wording for you. No more staring at the blank screen or page.
  4. Confidently share you expertise, provide value, connect with your ideal clients, and make it easy for them to engage, opt-in and work with you. No more wondering if you’re writing the right thing for your ideal clients.
  5. Readily identify your ideal clients’ biggest concerns and develop better ways to serve them.
  6. Have a better understanding of the value you provide to your ideal clients.

What’s In It?

The Ridiculously Simple Getting Started With Blogging Course consists of video lectures and printable worksheets, trackers and templates. Once you enroll, you will have a private customized dashboard where you can track your progress. You work at your own pace.

The Course Outline

Introduction and Overview

Lesson One: Topics

Lesson Two: The Basic Format

Lesson Three: The Ridiculously Simple System In Action

Lesson Four: The Art and Science of Crafting a Title

The Printables 

You will receive the Topic Teaser Worksheet that you can use to easily generate topics enough for at least a year’s worth of posts by deeply knowing and understanding your ideal clients.

You will receive the Blog Post Templates that give you a choice of 10 different mix and match wordings for each of the 6 major sections of an effective blog post. (For you math nerds, that’s 1 MILLION possible combinations!) You plug in your vocabulary for your audience and adapt the material as needed, but always have the template to keep you from wandering off track and to help you get the wording right.

The Blog Post Planner is a tear sheet you print out and keep close by where you map a post. You literally assemble your post step by step from topic to takeaway using this form.

You will also receive the Blog Post Tracker where you keep a running list of your blog topics and track of what you’ve already written. You can plan future posts based on series you may want to do, events or offerings in your practice, or seasonally-based topics.

Completion Bonuses

• Bonus Printable: The Client Avatar Worksheet for a gold mine of ideas and understanding of how to serve and attract your ideal clients even better.

• Bonus Lesson: Ridiculously Simple and Effective Email Newsletters

Also Included

• Lifetime Access to the course

• Membership in my Your Brilliance In Writing private Facebook group, where you can receive and give feedback, sharing learning experiences, and network with other holistic professionals.

Who It’s For

The Ridiculously Simple Getting Started With Blogging Course is for

  • holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs
  • healers,
  • coaches and
  • their assistants and virtual assistants

… who want to learn a simple system for creating, tracking, and publishing blog posts and other content that provides Connection, Value and Engagement with and for their ideal clients and customers.

When and Where

At your convenience, in your own home. You will need a computer with audio and video capability and a printer. You have lifetime access and the course is self-paced, but it is recommended that you set aside an hour a day for a week to really master the course.

About Phyllis

A little about more me: I’m a simplification and doableness geek and have been creating simple systems for over 25 years in my work as an occupational therapist. I understand the importance of clarity when it comes to mastering something, because every great achievement starts in the mind. I hope you’ll join me. Once you have the strategies I teach, you’ll have your writing done. Whether it’s courses, blog posts, workshops, newsletters, or about-me’s, let’s get you started!

Text or Voice: (207) 558-5830