Clarify • Articulate • Inspire

What You Express Should Inspire You.

Get present to the beauty, power and uniqueness of what you bring to the world. When you clearly articulate that, you can serve more people and have a greater impact.

I offer three coaching package options, designed to meet your unique needs, depending on where you are in your business. They all start here, with a free consultation:

Master Your Message Strategy Session

In this complementary coaching session, we will look at all your needs and develop a plan for addressing them. Clients typically gain clarity about the value they provide, deeper understanding and articulation of their ideal client, and get a great headstart on upping their languaging game for their products and services. My goal is to give you great tools and to have you leaving the session inspired anew about the work you do in the world.

The First Step: Your Create Your Core Content

This 6-session coaching package is designed to create your core content so it is ready to publish. This package is perfect for completing some combination of web or print copy for your products and services, biographical statement, an opt-in product, or marketing material for a signature product or service.

Next Level Content Creation

A 12-session coaching package for your next level content creation. A course, an ebook, lead article or other project requiring sustained focus, clear goals and accountability for completing it on schedule.

Are you ready for inspired communication that moves your ideal client to work with you? 

If you’re ready to take the next step and get your communication wording sharpened so it hums–and catches the right people’s attention–I invite you to consider investing in  coaching.

As a coach who’s worked with brilliant people who just can’t get their ideas out of their heads and into an inspired expression that grabs people, I can tell you that working with a coach is SO MUCH EASIER than figuring this out alone.

I realize this is a big decision, and it should be. To help make it easier, I offer a complementary Master Your Message, no obligation discovery coaching session, so that you can get a feel for how I work, learn more about coaching with me, and get great value from our time together.

Inspirational Communication Coaching

Inspirational Communication means to transmit, through the power of written and spoken word, the energy of the work you do in the world, so that your ideal client feels it in their body and is moved to work with you.

Would You Like to Inspire Your Ideal Clients So They’re Moved to Work With You?

Words are never so earthy, grounded, gritty and connected than when they are used intentionally to create a vibrant resonance with the work that you do in the world. They then transmit that resonance to the receiver and set up a vibration that is either compatible or in conflict with the receiver’s resonance. And it doesn’t matter which!

All that matters is that you create a powerful resonance with your words so that your clients feel it in their body and are moved to work with you. If someone else is moved to move away, so much the better. That’s the power of clarity.

And not only do the words you use in your business help to create that resonance in others, but they do the same in you, so that every time you say them you feel inspired and aligned with your highest intention for your work.

If you don’t have that resonance, you will speak with less confidence, avoid speaking about your work, or attract less than optimally suited clients.

You may feel that what you do, what you see for your clients, the intentions for integration and health that you hold, are so clear to you, and yet, you can’t seem to adequately express it to others.

You may be faced with creating copy for your website, promotional and marketing materials, or content for your clients. Instead of embracing the opportunity to express yourself, you may feel dread or overwhelm.

Let me help you clarify your message, articulate your value and inspire your ideal clients to take the next step with you. Schedule a no obligation, complementary Master Your Message coaching session today!

Take the Next Step

My Master Your Message Complementary Coaching session is a full hour, and there is no obligation! You will have an opportunity to learn about my paid packages, of course! But, please, if you feel it as a “Yes!” then schedule a session now!