My coaching services are designed for the coach or practitioner who has a life-changing message to share with a larger audience, but who is unfamiliar with the process of writing a book. She may be unfamiliar with and lack confidence in her ability to write. She is a high achiever who understands the value of support and coaching for the weaker areas of her skillsets.

The first step in the process of writing your book is to unlearn how to write, uncover your natural brilliance, and to find and learn to trust your own voice. I encourage my clients to write a lot, to get sloppy and make mistakes. In fact, desensitizing yourself to mistakes is a key to getting words on paper. Using my background in vocal improvisation, I teach you to go with your first impulse and move with grace until you hit that vein of pure expression that says what you want to say (and often much more than you knew was waiting to be expressed.)

Once you are more confident on the page, we turn our attention to the actual ideas you want to communicate. We dig deeply into what you want to write about, why, and for whom. We look at what the writing means to you, for you, for your business and your life. We examine your intentions and goals. We clarify who your audience is, and how your material will benefit them. We look at the type of book you want to write and how you intend to use your book, which points us to the publishing and marketing options.

The next step is to clarify and organize your ideas. We create a framework for the writing, organizing it into a system that will make it easy to capture everything you want to include. This is sometimes called an outline, but it can be so much more–a plan, a schematic, a roadmap. The key is to develop a system that guides you easily through the process of writing.

From here, we create the book. First draft, second draft, final draft. Here, we bring in an outside editor, who will read with fresh eyes and make sure the mechanics are impeccable.

The last step is completion of the manuscript and publishing of your book. I recommend self-publishing, either through a self-publishing company or as a pdf ebook on your website or blog.

Through the process of working with me as your writing and manuscript coach, I help you to

  • Become confident expressing yourself in writing
  • Increase trust in your own thinking
  • Know what you know and see its value
  • Know the purpose and intention of your writing
  • Identify your audience
  • Identify your core message
  • Stay on track, get traction, make progress and complete your project
  • Organize your ideas
  • Understand the publishing options and choose what’s right for you

I have 3 packages of coaching sessions that are designed to fit 3 different levels of guidance and support with the process of writing your book.

The 6-session package is for the client who works well on her own and needs to check in and course-correct during a 3-month period. This package is perfect if you already have your book idea, know who your audience is and have started writing but need guidance and a system to get you to the end.

The 12-session package provides more frequent, longer-term contact to help you stay on track and reach your goals over a 4 month period. This is also suitable for the person who is clear on their book idea and audience, but who needs the accountability and structure of more frequent 1:1 time.

The 30-session package takes you from idea to finished manuscript in about a year and provides frequent sessions, assignments, and deadlines. It is designed for those who need that level of support to complete their project and who are starting from scratch.