Pull Up Your Big Girl Power Pants (and Come To My Workshop!)

Where did we get this idea we create our own lives? It popped into popular thought – I won’t even try to pinpoint a date – and voila! We evolved from whiny victims of nature vs. nurture into miniature Deities with the power to create life!

What is this really all about, this manifestation stuff?

It’s about power. Personal power. Which is choice, focus, improvisation, and fulfillment, all rolled into one. It’s about not being defined and limited by what happened in the past or by someone else’s ideas about what’s possible and where the juice is.

These are concepts it’s taking me a lifetime to get. I used to think, like most of us, that there was a formula I had to follow (if only I could figure it out), and that if all the parts of the equation were correct, happiness would be on the other side of the equals sign.

Choice: Women in particular still seem to struggle with having and using personal power.  We still seem to be wired to choose to do things at the expense of our own satisfaction and joy, thinking we naturally must postpone those things until after everyone else is taken care of.

Even very successful women (and men, of course) have a jumping around in their hearts they would love to follow, but won’t allow themselves for fear of failure. Failure can come in the form of being very bad at something or failing to become an acknowledged success, by any of several measures.

Focus: We access and cultivate our power by acknowledging that thing that is jumping around in our hearts. We strengthen ourselves by discovering it and allowing it to live. When it begins to takes on a life of its own and we allow ourselves to be led by it, we are living.

Improvisation: Life is the ultimate improvisation. Improvisation is about diving in, listening, being true to what’s right there. Which will then change, evolve and transform. It will reveal its wisdom and perfection in its own time. We cannot know in advance, like we want to, so that we can be sure we won’t fail.

Fulfillment: I saw a great thing on the Internet today: “I failed my way to success.” Every time I publish a blog post I hope to hell that’s true. Do I know what I’m doing? Not exactly. Do I feel foolish? Yes, and – satisfied. Do I know that I’d be selling myself short if I didn’t pursue this whatever-it-is? Absolutely!

So, what is the Big Girl Power Pants Workshop?  It is finding the words to say what’s in our hearts for ourselves right now, for where we are in our lives today. It’s helping each other, through the infallible wisdom of our guts, to locate where the juice is. It’s engaging our imaginations and our spirits in creating a vivid and inspiring vision for our lives. It’s amazing ourselves at how much we already know about our dreams! And it’s beginning to know the difference between someone else’s ideas of what’s possible and our own.

Come join us! Tuesday evening, July 30th, 6-9 pm, at Many Paths to Healing, Blue Hill, Maine.

Please contact myself or the workshop coordinator, Eileen Mielenhausen of Healing and Expressive Arts Retreats of Maine to register.

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