Quick Update on Book In Progress

photo by JohMau
photo by JohMau


Well it has to be called something. And right now, it has no name. Or, more accurately, a hundred of them.

It started out as my Thirty Days of Joy blog post challenge to myself that I completed the summer of 2012. I learned some things that I was naturally doing that helped me feel more joy, enjoyment, peace, love, and appreciation for my life, exactly as it was. I think they’re valuable things to do, a good attitude toward life to cultivate.

I’m excited to share them with you. Release date is scheduled for May 1, 2016.

The working title was Juicy Joyful: How to Squeeze More Joy from Your Already Messy Life.

Several iterations later, it is becoming less of a how-to and more of a soulful memoir. Heck, if 20-year-olds can write memoirs, so can I!

But I still like Juicy Joyful just because of the jubilation of J’s in the title.

What do you think? Dumb or jubilant?

What would you call your memoir?

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