Quick Update

Whew! It’s pretty easy to get lost in cyberland and forget to reach out to real people and connect.  I’ve recently moved everything that’s online under one roof, here at this website and blog. If you’re going to be a phyllomaniac, it’s best to have one place to put it all.

I’m happily updating all my info so that people can find (and buy) my book and soul message cards, find me, and talk to me about stuff we both care about.

Lots of wonderful and weird changes have me coming back to places in my heart that I have known all along are where I belong, but have been so afraid to claim. That sickening sound of footsteps echoing in empty places. The fear that those places will fill up and become just like everything else. Potential and promise turned everyday and common.

Undoing eons of conditioning and belief, claiming truths that are so subtle, you have to have an ear for whispers. Luckily my body won’t let me get away with much that isn’t good for me, and neither will my heart. Don’t think that doesn’t make me grumpy and hard to get along with sometimes.

All this stuff has two sides, doesn’t it? Which is why it’s futile to categorize anything as good or bad, especially while it is happening; unnecessarily afterwards, because it continues to evolve. Crazy that even time doesn’t stop squirming.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of plans for writing: Maine-based mysteries, Soul Message essays to go with the cards, more poems, of course, a couple of short novels all but written; and writers’ workshops, and in the meantime, how about a nice, juicy freelance job to keep food on the table?

Go ahead, pull a card. I did:

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