Revisiting An Old Friend

Two old friends, actually, the poem and a tireless, endlessly helpful, brilliant friend who helps me out when I think to call on her.

Gratitude Raga*

Thank you!

especially for loving friends
a love note to me from You.
i am expanding my ideas of what is possible:

clementines and walnuts

 Thank you!

for clever people
who make pleasing functional
things with their hands,
and for pens and blank paper.

i am awakening into new potentials:

the courage
to love and be loved.

 Thank You!

for flame,
for, yes, clothing.
for the sound of water drumming down,
for fingers, for seeing.
for red in winter,

i am allowing Good to flow into every cell of my being:

sterling silver
laughing together

 Thank You!

for people who put their bodies on the line
for a beautiful friend who is suffering
for clouds blanketing our sky
with uniform gray and the stillness
of infinity just beyond and ever onward
near and far together for us.

i am blossoming in love and generosity:

prayers for friends
who don’t need them

 Thank You!

dear Love-Good, for tailed ones,
for birds at the feeder,
for hot running water,
for thought, for gathering,
for liberty, for farmers.
for a day of peace,
a body that works,
laughter, ideas,
today’s obsession, wildflowers,
the way the whole life cycle
can be seen on one plant at one time,
and for people who seal a business deal with
“I’ll try to treat you right” and do.

may all of this,
the gifts, the gratitude,
the wonder, the awakening,
the simple decency that we are
emanate out and back
and all around,
changing everything.

*Originally published by Phyllis Capanna @2013 in To Whom It May Concern: Prayers Without the G-Word. For copies, click on the link. Thank you.

by Phyllis Capanna © 2014 joyreport

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