Soul Messages for The Holidays

Soul Message

I thought I’d give you  a look-see into my little Santa’s workshop this time of year, as I prepare to send another batch of Soul Message cards out into the world to do their work.

First, the cards. A big shout-out to Moo, the folks whose colors and designs make my cards a delight to hold and a pleasure to read. Check them out! (And if you decide to get something printed, contact me for a coupon!)


The messages, which I developed as a tool for a workshop I created, continued to grow into a deck of 50 cards. These Lavish Love Notes for the Soul are meant to counter the disempowering, bummer messages about ourselves and life that most of us grew up with. They are bursting with “alternative” beliefs and encouraging ideas about life, the Universe, how things work, and YOU.


I sew each pack its own little fabric bag, finished with a piece of brightly colored ribbon for a drawstring, capped with a special bead on each end. My stash of teal batik fabric is coming to an end, so pretty soon they will be clothed in something else, most likely another batik because I am a batik freak and because the local Marden’s has a fabulous selection!

 fabric bag teal batik

There is still time to order your own Soul Message deck in its handmade bag and get it in time for Christmas, Solstice, or New Years. And coming in early 2014 is the companion book to the Soul Message cards, which I am working on right now. A few of the essays have previewed here in my blog.

To order and pay through Paypal, go here. If you would like to inquire about making other arrangements, please fill out a contact form on this page, and I will answer you. Drawstring colors and beads vary and are whimsically chosen through a process that is a mystery even to me.

Also, don’t forget that quiet, slim volume of spiritual poetry you’ve been looking for for that certain someone. To order my book To Whom It Make Concern: Prayers Without the G-Word, go here, or visit the page on Amazon. For e-readers of all kinds, visit Smashwords, for an immediate download.

Lastly, THANK YOU so much for reading, buying, encouraging, and sharing in this amazing journey. I am grateful and thrilled, and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in 2014. Please accept my heartfelt prayers for you to be happy and thriving starting…now!


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