Steal This Idea (I did.)

It’s radical (I’m about to demonstrate): Ask for what you want. From others. Directly.

Okay, I don’t think I have to belabor that, do I? Maybe it’s not such a radical idea for some people: management types, community organizers, politicians. But for us creatives, and for most people in a nonprofessional situation, making a simple direct request is challenging.

First, we have this idea that struggling to figure stuff out on our own makes us stronger. Second, we may not want to share the glory when whatever it is finally does happen. Never mind that that means we might miss out on “it” completely. Maybe it doesn’t matter that much. We’ll just struggle along, and if we get it, great, and if we don’t, no biggie. Third, we may not believe we deserve to have the thing we want, or that it’s impolite to ask, or that people should just know, or that we might jinx it by letting people know about it, or because, well, I don’t know. Never mind, I’ll just eat a brownie.

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What I’m learning is, when you reach farther than is comfortable and have goals that are bigger than you’re used to, you are going to have to have other people’s help and involvement. The good news, for us stubborn-headed DIY-ers, is that having other people along for the ride is enjoyable. For me, doing the kind of work that I do, it’s rather…essential.

So, that’s the big wisdom, applicable to just about anything. And it has a corollary, which is, ask without attachment. No expectation is what makes it possible for people to hear you and respond from an authentic place, doing what they can do and not doing what they cannot do. And too much ‘splainin’ kills the whole deal, but just a little helps the listener understand where you are coming from.

And Now (in honor of baseball season) Here’s The Pitch!

I am an business for myself. I depend on two things: my own wits and word of mouth. If you’re surprised I didn’t say people buying stuff, then read on.

Your kind words of support and your feedback and purchases have filled my heart and made it so much fun to embark on this journey. Without them I would likely have given up by now. If you are one of the people who have praised, encouraged, cheered, supported, and been excited with and for me, thank you!

Whether you have done any of that yet, if you’re interested in helping me reach a wider audience and achieve my goal of becoming a full time working author and inspirer and consultant, then please consider doing any of the following

6 Easy And Helpful Things

  • Visit and Like my Facebook Author Page. Then recommend it to 10, 20 or 100  friends who are into new age spirituality, healing and recovery, or who are aspiring writers, or are people who work with people in a healing capacity.
  • If you’ve enjoyed this post or have another that you’ve enjoyed, share a a link on FB, Twitter, or other social media where you spend your time.
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  • Host a book-signing, poetry reading, or Soul Message workshop in your home or as a group retreat or employee wellness program.
  • Write a review of my books on Amazon and post a link to your favorite social media. If you use Goodreads or another site to find books, let me know.
  • If you know of anywhere or anybody else on Earth that would love to find out about me, tell them about me and/or drop me a line. (Contact form is at the end of this post.)

My About page has a description of me and what I do. Even if you know me, give it a look. It might surprise you!

Thank You! If you’ve read this far, I appreciate your presence in my life, on my page and in my blog, and I wish you a warm and peacefully productive and surprisingly wonderful day! And my challenge to you today is to ask for what you want, of course!

© Phyllis Capanna
© Phyllis Capanna

by Phyllis Capanna © 2014 joyreport

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  1. Hey Phyllis, Brunswick has a monthly Artwalk in the summer with some pop-up spots. They are making a big push to be exciting, relevant and different every time. It seems to me like it might be good match for the kind of table with readings and sales that you have been setting up. I don’t have any contacts there but it is through Five Rivers. (See details in devious email) 😉


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