Some of the following are affiliate links, which means I make a commission when you purchase through the link. I do my best to disclose that in the interest of transparency. Thank you for your interest. I only endorse products and services I have personally used or experienced.

Access Consciousness is a new-to-me program all about empowering you to know that you know. “Consciousness knows everything and judges nothing.” I have had tremendous benefits from receiving their cornerstone program called Access Bars, which is basically having someone touch specific points on your head, which creates ease and flow in your life by clearing, cleansing and de-fragging all the old programs you no longer need. I am now an Access Bars Practitioner. You can read more and book a session with me here.

Use this link to shop their store for products and workshops. (Affiliate link.)

Heart of Business. Mark Silver is a Sufi master teacher, a hearted man, and brings a grounded spirituality to his business coaching. His Heart of Money course is rocking my relationship with money as you read this. Check out his programs for business owners.

Planet Waves. Eric Francis and his team write some of the most beautiful, deep and thought-provoking astrological analysis anywhere. It’s a unique mix of politics, art, sexuality, and transformational psychology. It’s also a subscription site that’s well worth the pay-what-you-can monthly fee. I highly respect his business model and the integrity of his product.

Another wonderful astrology and women’s mysticism site is Mystic Mamma, which accepts donations. Check it out. It’s a refreshing drink for the soul. And one of a few places I’ve found on the web where the comment thread won’t make you wish you hadn’t read them.

Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger resources rock the planet and are full of useful info on blogging. There’s plenty to read and a podcast, too.

A long list of best-loved books will go here. Come back!

Actual people I know personally who are fab and whom you should check out:

Eva Goulette of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, offers Spirit Camps for children, filling such a vital and sacred need for attention to the spiritual lives of our children. Spirit Camps run all summer long in several locations in Maine. Look for Spirit Camps at Kripalu in Massachusetts this summer.

Deb Gowen, Integrative Health Practitioner. A skilled midwife, gyn and energy healing practitioner, Deb is also an Access Bars practitioner and facilitator, and the person you want attending to your mind-body-spirit needs. Intuitive, sharp and somewhat magical. She travels.

Shirsten Lundblad, Sound Healer and Musician, Massage Therapist, Kripalu-Certified Yoga Instructor. Shirsten is the soul of compassion and facilitates healing with a depth of knowledge and the utmost gentleness. She is a harmonizer in all senses of the word. The acutonics session alone will leave you vibrating a wonderfully higher vibration than when you came in. She is also a frame drum teacher and musician par excellence.

Shirsten belongs to the best kept secret in Maine: Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm. Check out their calendar and come to a concert or live teaching event. They will infuse you with love, rhythm and the healing vibrations of indigenous music from West Africa and original compositions.

Sandra Ingerman, shamanic healer and teacher, puts out a newsletter monthly called Transmutation News. It’s free and uplifting, especially if you are a healer of some sort looking for strength and guidance to bring your work into the world.

Eileen Mielenhausen of Beaming Light Coaching offers coaching, Reiki and sound healing, a sensitive and energizing blend of intuitive work for your healing. Eileen also offers drumming workshops for drummers and as a therapeutic group activity for people of all ages. She’s in the Blue Hill area of Maine.

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