Creating Through the Dark Times in Your Life

I like to think artists are all about making beauty, but they aren’t really. They’re about seeing. Creating through the dark times requires a willingness to face what you see and to give voice and shape to it. This flies in the face of being likable, popular and inspiring, although capturing felt experience so your audience feels it and relates to it as if their own is its own kind of beauty. And closing the distance between you and your audience, creating intimacy with your work, being vulnerable and fearless–These are inspiring acts.

Therefore, it would do us well to embrace the dark times. Read more

Thirty Days of Joy ~ Day 11 ~ Some Things Never Change, & Then They Do

Some things you think will never change, and then they do. They’ve re-paved Eustis  Parkway in Waterville. One of my friends was so excited about it she called me. “This is making my whole day!” she said. She was driving behind me, on Eustis Parkway. I had been just about to call up my partner and tell her. That’s how long Eustis Parkway has been rearranging axles and killing tires around here. We all thought it would be that way forever.

Years ago, I used to get high every single day. I thought this would never change. For a long time I didn’t want it to. But even after I did want it to I thought it wouldn’t. I went from aspiring to being a little old lady in a rocker with a joint in my hand to desperately trying to avoid becoming that little old lady with a joint in her hand. Read more