How to Give Hugs On Social Media: Responding to Tragedy

responding to tragedy on social media

How do you respond–or do you respond–to tragedy and crisis on social media? To mention and address the news may mean taking a stand, and that may feel risky. Wishing to avoid accidentally alienating clients and colleagues, current or future, we may decide to say nothing. But being silent when the Internet is ablaze with a tragic event may make you look unaware, insensitive or, worse, irrelevant.

But as owners of wellness-related businesses, we really should have a response, because our business–and our higher purpose and reason for being in business is highly relevant to bringing healing and health to those who need it. In fact, events like these create an opportunity for us to be leaders, as our customers and friends look for solace and meaning in the aftermath. Read more

Why You Don’t Have to Blog (And What You Probably Have To Do Instead)

Holistic entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, spiritual practitioners: I hear it all the time. “I really should start blogging.” This is usually accompanied by heavy sighs and a tone of resignation mixed with guilt-tripping and self flagellation. Truly inspiring.

Not. Read more

How To Stay Relevant While Marketing Your Holistic, Spiritual or New Age Business on Social Media

It’s a criticism I’ve heard from within the holistic entrepreneur community: Some of us are continuing our promoting and posts promising “the best year yet!”, and it’s starting to sound a little – or a lot – tone deaf.

I grant that most people in business who have an online presence are struggling to find a balance between getting caught up in the tension of the times and ignoring it completely. Many don’t want to be too political, and others haven’t yet processed their own reactions to the upheaval that is all around us. Read more