How to Give Hugs On Social Media: Responding to Tragedy

responding to tragedy on social media

How do you respond–or do you respond–to tragedy and crisis on social media? To mention and address the news may mean taking a stand, and that may feel risky. Wishing to avoid accidentally alienating clients and colleagues, current or future, we may decide to say nothing. But being silent when the Internet is ablaze with a tragic event may make you look unaware, insensitive or, worse, irrelevant.

But as owners of wellness-related businesses, we really should have a response, because our business–and our higher purpose and reason for being in business is highly relevant to bringing healing and health to those who need it. In fact, events like these create an opportunity for us to be leaders, as our customers and friends look for solace and meaning in the aftermath. Read more

How Loving Myself Forward Helps Me in Business

I’m starting a guided mastermind group with live human beings who have signed up to join me in physical space. These people are working on a project or a business and themselves, and I’ve managed to convince them that I can help them.

The group is starting tomorrow. Yesterday, just to refresh my memory, so long has it been since inception to launch, I re-read all my promo materials. I saw in the videos and posts that I appear to know what I’m talking about. But I’ve never run a mastermind, and I’ve never succeeded in business. I just really believe in myself. Read more