Who Do You Want to Bring to This Moment?

A quick post to talk for a sec about inspiration.

There are a lot of things said about inspiration. Here are my thoughts: The better we tune ourselves to aliveness, the more Inspiration we can “catch.” Second, the word is about breathing. And spirit. Third, having an Inspiration Mindset is about living this question. “Who do you want to bring to this amazing moment? Read more

Soul Messages in Your Inbox

Just a quick note to my Joy Report subscribers!

You can now receive Soul Messages, the tiny love notes from the Universe that give you the real scoop on who you are and how the Universe works, right in your inbox.

The very same messages contained in the Soul Messages book that give loving guidance and stimulating possibilities for your spirit’s healing journey can now be yours, just by signing up! Read more

The Universe Adores You

Soul Messages are a pack of 44 cards that are lavish love notes for the soul. They grew out of a workshop I developed in 2012, From Resolution To Revolution, in which the traditional New Year’s resolution gets a millennium update as participants crafted their highest visions for what they would like their lives to be. While the participants created a traditional I-statement affirmation, the Soul Messages provided that extra cosmic hug for the aspects of their personalities not yet welcomed to the party, which often take the form of self-sabotage, procrastination, and daydreaming without taking action. I decided to publish the message cards as a way of inspiring others as they navigate change. My feeling is, it’s always good to know that “The Universe adores you.”

You can check out what the Soul Message cards and order a set right here!